Ms. Hawa Hawaii

I usually post old Hindi film songs. This one is from 1987, which will be old according to some! It works bigtime for me because it has all the ingredients of good Bollywood masala.

The song begins with gibberish and it is wonderful to hear it in Kavita Krishnamurthi’s trained voice.

What do I like about it? That it is parodying the genre while paying tribute to it. It is so over the top and black and white (and shiny gold) that when you find those sensitive moments of playfulness in Sridevi’s eyes, you realise that mainstream cinema has thawed many a cold heart and added richness to many a poor life.

Mr. India - Hawa Hawaii

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  1. Fun(ny) song. Yeah, 1987 is anicent :)

  2. Even in her heydays(from which you have posted this video of hers), I have never been a serious fan of hers. To me, she was a dusky South Indian with a conky nose(had a plastic surgery to fix to a acceptable level). She, too,like her rival, Jaya Prada, married an already married man.There is nothing great about her. She is more like Sarah Paline in her demeanor.

  3. Mask:

    But ole' girls too wanna have fun :)


    Your choice. However, there are some old films like Sadma where she was deglamourised. As for nose job etc, who hasn't got that done?

    The difference between Sarah Palin and her is that she was playing a role (and spoofing it); Palin IS that role.


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