Time to rail?

Here are some interesting train analogies about the candidates for the US elections...


  1. FV:

    Oh, poor Palin...

  2. Nobama's analogy would be the third one with destruction everywhere.
    Sarah Palin's would be the fastest plan...
    Nobama is the worst candidate ever in the history of the world. MccCain/Palin, the best mavericks...honest and truthfulll
    Nobama , the worst hypocrite ever.....

  3. PS:

    Take the exclamation out and you have alliteration....


    There is an increasing viewpoint that Obama ('nobama' is great!)is not all that he was made out to be...

  4. FV
    Nobama is OK with Colin Powel's basic role in war in Iraq for establishing the main war infrastructure since Coiln Powel endorsed Nobama, Nobama has offered Colin Powel a main position in his cabinet,if, he wins.

    Samething is Nobama is OK with Joe Biden(the stumbler) who voted for Iraq War. Why Nobama's supporters NOT questioning Nobama's, Colin Powel's and Nobama's poor judgements and for their utter hypocrisy....

    When same Nobama and his supporters rejected and stole Hillary Clinton's true candidacy by making an excuse that she voted for war in Iraq and that she lacks the real judgement.....woohaaa

    Something is seriously wrong with this picture...this picture is distorted...this depicts height of double standards and hypocrisy...with political dishonesty.

    Hillary Clinton is the most qualified, competent and genius presidential candidate ever in the history fo the world with true judgement....


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