Heat of the sun

There are different ways to celebrate festivals. Poems, music convey those sentiments better than most dhamakas. Here, it is about giving yourself up to god...the happiness that comes with giving yourself to something is unspeakable...
This song is from a little-known film Parinay. The visuals in this clip somehow take away from the beauty of the words and music. I like the straightforward tone in the beat. Nothing against the deities, but to enjoy it best you might need to shut your eyes, as you would if you try to look straight at the sun…
Suraj ki garmee


  1. FV:

    Thanks for reviving some of my best childhood memories. Can't agree more about the visuals though. An MP3 would have been manifold better.

    Pray, why did these guys not repeat their success with another memorable song?

  2. I had never heard this song,some words are Sanskrit too difficult but the rythym is great

  3. I seriously hope that readers who perceive you to be one iota tilting in favour of fundamentalism ...read this ....btw ...thanks reminded me that this song used to be a regular feature in the once a week Doordarshan Chitrahaar.....
    O palanhaare was javed Akhthar last classic bhajan and lata's platinum voice ....sad that akthar saab has chosen to judge indian idols than focus on writing gems like this ....Manish

  4. PS:

    I could not find an MP3, that is if I know how to! Glad this brought back memories.

    - - -


    Yes, some words are in shuddh Hindi, but yet enjoyable...
    - - -


    This was posted because I love the song and so does my mother. I did not put it up to get a clean record from people I do not know...

    Those who think I am a fundamentalist rarely, if at all, argue specific points. There is a tendency to just say jihadi etc...

    Anyhow, Javed Akhtar is now just another time-pass guy.


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