Jai ho...hum...

The Congress Party has bought the rights to the Jai Ho song for its election campaign.

What a pathetic thing to do. True, it is written and composed by Indians, but you are buying it from an outsider. India will have the anthem of how the world sees it and not how we are or want to be. It also reveals the paucity of original thinking. We have enough writers who could come up with some slogan/anthem for the party. But, no, it has to be the tweedle-dum, tweedle-dee Jai Ho.

The response from the Opposition is equally amusing. BJP leader, Prakash Javdekar, said:

“This song will ensure their defeat because it will remind every Indian that millions of people still have to stay in slums because of faulty Congress policies.”

Still? When was the NDA in power? No slums then? And every Indian has watched the film? The Congress plans to play this ditty (yes, I can only refer to it as that) in rural areas and small towns. I don’t think people there would have watched the movie, or that slums would affect them. Who knows, this might be the millionaire moment being shoved down those poor throats…hey, you live in a hovel, no water, no nothing, good…send SMS to a reality quiz show and become a hero. What an idea, sirji…

Heave ho.

- - -

Would this man, a bade baap ka beta being launched as hero, be carrying these kids in his arms had they not become famous?

I had said I was sick of the Slumdog Millionaire titbit and here I am…mea culpa.

Fine, they are making their debut as themselves. Returning from the Oscars win they are targeted by bombers…

I hear that little Rubina Ali has said she does not want to lead the life she led anymore because of what she experienced in the US. Had this girl not seen big cars and big houses when she got out on the roads in Mumbai? Did she not envy those or aspire to that? Has the very idea of aspiration been imported? Or is the West playing up to this?

Then there is talk about the greed of Mohammed Azharuddin and his father who have been demanding more money.

So? What about our pampered film stars? One feeble hit and they up their price. Look at that other child, Darsheel Safary of Taare Zameen Par. Rs. 1.50 crore is his demand and he is getting it. He really hasn’t been tried and tested well enough in other films and yet he is talking big money.

If the whole world is making using of these slum kids, then why not they themselves? It is a lesson at least they learned in the streets among the garbage bins and not by asking their secretaries to negotiate. There have been instances when superstars have refused to come out of their vanity vans unless their demands are met.

It isn’t all good anyway, but then nothing surrounding the Slumdog hype is.


  1. FV:

    What is Slumdog Millionaire? Why should we be bothered about this thing?

  2. PS:

    We should not be bothered about the trees, but the forest fires they can start. 'Slumdog..' on its own is nothing according to some of us, but it becoming a national issue IS of concern to some of us.

  3. FV

    ‘Slums’ is only a big city phenomenon, rural India can hardly visualize slums, let alone how slum dwellers think. For all you know Prakash Javdekar prophesies will hit bulls eye, after all he too has fallen flat on face with the 'feel-good'

    Why don’t we just leave this SDM alone to let it die its natural death? We can, of course, yes unfortunately not before many more will 'apni political rotiyan iss aag par senk len ge' , including this 'Bade Baap Ka Beta'.

    Moreover most of the times forest fires are created, it doesn’t need reasons. Killings don’t need reason either, we are a very intelligent nation, and we leave our politicians to do this.


  4. Z:

    There is nothign like natural death; there is just lapse of memory...

    We like to think we are an intelligent nation, but the fact is that for those who don't have a voice it just isn't so.


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