The way we exploit...

Is this giving a whole new meaning to recession? A 60-year-old man was told nine years ago to have sex with his daughter to improve his business prospects. She was then 12. The advice was given by a tantric. This vile character began raping the man’s younger daughter a few months ago.

Is this about superstition? I think there is more to it. A man who runs a business may be greedy but not stupid. Did his business improve? If his daughter was unlucky for him, then would not having intimate relations with her further defile him, as per the logic of superstition?

It is time we stopped panning these crimes as blind belief. They are all about power. He was merely managing to release his frustrations. The tantric was using the time-tested device of sexual release to make him less edgy.

These guys flourish in our society because we need something beyond religion. To reach god we need to pray. It does not satiate our other longings, our senses. These charlatans come along and sell their stupid ideas.

Do not blame blind belief. We blindly believe in brands, in celebrities, in people we love. It is not in the same league. This is a crime being committed on gullible people or those with an agenda. They should be treated on par with other criminals.

I am glad the daughters picked up courage and reported the matter. Besides the most stringent punishment that is legally possible, this man’s business should be handed over to them rightaway.

And I do not see why the police allows these men to cover their faces. They need to be exposed. Where is the intrepid media during such cases?

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Now it’s a fashion show…

Then a meeting with Sonia Gandhi where the Slumdog stars said they were willing to campaign for the Congress:

“Now that people know us, they will listen to us,” they said about their campaign plan.

They then mentioned that they needed a house to live in.

Smart or sick?


  1. FV,
    The gujju businessman following Asa Ram Dakus of the world, or a simple bihari labourer following a tantric for the epilepsy cure is no different to a Manchester United Fan throwing beer bottles in Newcastle or a Benny Hinn follower in New Hampshire .are victim of the same mentality ...Follow ....intellactually bankrupt people follow and most of us are followers ...we are programmed followers ....right from day one ...we are taught how to follow ...ever wondered why indians dont do backpacking trips in scandenavia ...because we are a shit scared "follower" community...we take package tours ...our religions have made it worse ....and they are all aligned ....I see all religions as Fast food chains ...same burger diff name ...if u are a hindu wear a dot ...if u are muslim, shave your moustache but sport a beard ...all follow the same ....If u are sikh ...dont shave ....what has god got to do with damn hair ...but we follow ....
    People who dont follow are not hippies ....they are grown ..they question and they answers ....

    You are right ...as always ....that why i follow U :)

  2. This man is as bad as the Austrian father.His wife also helped him.He must get the death sentence and you are right that he should be exposed.
    Slumdog kids will get all attention and they even sang Jai Ho,they are smart

  3. Manish:


    Your point about what god has to do with hair made em think...every religion is into it. Tirupati has a brisk business going...imagine all those wigs being worn by sultry stars and veejays may have come from a devout worshipper's head...


    How many such cases must go unreported...and the news that has been coming in only makes it all sound worse.


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