My dear Varun Gandhi…

You naughty boy! What a nice little roundabout way to get Muslim votes. What did you say? You said what would swell the heart of any Saudi – that you would cut the hand of “anyone who raises a finger towards Hindus”. This is not in the Hindu shastras or the Indian Constitution; you are following primitive Islamic laws banned in most Muslim countries. Bravo…

At the same time you said:

“They have scary names - Karimullah, Nazarullah - its scary to see them at night…………… When my cousin who is seven-eight years old, saw Samajwadi Party's candidate's photo, she said Bhaiya (big brother), I didn't know that Osama Bin Laden is fighting from your constituency”.

Maan gaye ustaad…you know all these mullahs are trying to distance themselves from Osama, so the thought of little eight-year-old girl being scared of large section of population will bring out motherly instincts of all the Darul-Uloom types…and they do look frightening at night. You did not say day. See? You are conveying that in darkness everything looks different; we must see the light.

You called Muslims “katuas”; you were saying the obvious – circumcised. I don’t understand why these television anchors have suddenly become so demure and say they cannot even utter these derogatory words; these same channels used to reproduce Bal Thackeray’s speeches where he screamed the word all the time.

I think you are right. This is a political conspiracy against you.

"I am a proud Gandhi, an Indian and a Hindu in equal measure.”

This, I am afraid, you cannot be. It has to be 33.99 per cent or something each. Alumni of the posh Sanawar School are not supposed to be good with numbers, so it is okay.

"Nothing I have said was to incite anybody. There is a rigorous attempt to malign my faith, each time anyone tries to identify with Hinduism, he is being branded communal. I am pro-India, I am not against anybody.”

Look at your party. Even the BJP is anti-India then, they are not standing up for you. But you know what? It is all a smart strategy. They are using you and you are using them.

If the Election Commission debars you, then you have two years to practise your skills. This one speech has brought you in the foreground; the BJP is happy but won’t show it. They have got a lot of attention and are now speaking through both sides of their mouths – one is the Hindutva side; the other the secular side.

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi (if he had “ullah” in his name would you be scared of him?) said that your speech is part of your Congress family legacy…he is not wrong. Your father Sanjay was known for carrying out lots of forced family planning measures, bulldozing slums…

On the positive side it also means that you have left room for your entry into that party too. The Congress needs Hindu votes; it also needs a Gandhi who is not just breaking bread with Dalits. And the fact that your mummyji is keeping quiet could help you – she can flash her Sikh card and 1984 won’t trouble the Congress.

I am telling you, this is a good time for you, as the astrologers would say. Rahu-Ketu, Shani-Ravi all are in alignment and you can swing anyway you want.

Er, Jai Sri Ram!

PS: I liked your reference to cutting off heads of “katuas”. Nice touch.


  1. i have known Varun since he was a lille boy and he is like his father calm and quite.

    some part of indian community does not like him therfore this noise is coming out.

    one more thing the voice on the tape is not Varun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a charming guy :] The Taliban would love him, hand-head-chopping and all.

  3. FV,

    What Varun Gandhi said is not as distressing as the fact that he can say such things and get away scot free.

    Of course, his handlers Advani and Modi have done worse. And yet, you have the Ambanis and Mittals of this world sucking up to Modi so shamelessly.

    Bung the blighter into jail, saari hekdi nikal jayegi

  4. Mother was champion of Animals right and protection of tree. She was working overtime to stop killing of animal and cutting of tree.

    And this guy is dying to kill

    What a contrast

  5. FV,
    It is called Baptism by Fire ....The guy is an overnight politician, he is fighting his cousin who is not sure whether he likes parantha or Pizza...btw ...he is the new Sanjay Gandhi..... . . .watch out This guy will feature in lot more breaking news

  6. Hope he will be barred from contesting elections, for life. Though I think he should be put behind bars, but that will only increase his popularity among fanatics. It's appaling that a young man from a priviledged family,with liberal education( maybe he also had a stint abroad in some european school, like his cousin) depends on hate to achieve his political ends...Shows what a loser he has been.

    And now all animal right activists/organizations must severe all ties with Mama Maneka.

  7. You are correct,he is using and being used.Two bjp sides are now there conveneintly as though what he says is not bad enough for the leaders to throw him out.why is Menaka Gandhi quiet??

  8. fv,now you want true Hindus to become jehadi by mocking this patriot. He is a brave boy who has stood up for the cause and not concerned about results. He is no Saudi backward class

  9. Anonymous:

    We clearly have different ideas of calm and quiet!


    I think the katakat fellows would appreciate him even more...


    There is more to it than his speech...imprisoning him means a definite swing towards the BJP.

    Anon 2:

    Not much difference. Mother and son are both fanatics in their respective fields...


    While Rahul at least sticks to his confusion over cuisine, this guy is out to make mincemeat...yes, he is 'on' mode now.


    We over-rate the educated as enlightened. Take a look around you and see the support extremist parties have among intellectuals. Why is Arun Jaitley where he is, and sulking to boot?


    Maneka is quiet because it is the best strategy. She does not want to spoil her kutta-billi walli image by getting bitchy and catty.

    Anon 3:

    The Saudis are backward class? Thanks for the laughs...

  10. Diljit Singh20/03/2009, 03:02

    Oh come on, the above utterences by Varun should not be given any importance because terrorizing/raping/killing/torturing of Hindus by Muslims are happening almost 365 days in a year and 24 hours in a day, in all the states in India (leave alone Pakistan and Bangladesh), and so goes unnoticed. But since an opposition shown by Hindus to a single muslim individual or to an individual muslim family occurs once in a blue moon, it is hot news and shows signs of hindu's brutality. so the baseline is, start killing/torturing muslims in India daily and it ceases to be a headline and will be an everyday incident like that happening in Pakistan and Bangladesh. I dare anyone to prove even one of my above statements as false. And if you moderate it, you are afraid of truth and reality!! Jai Hind.. Er.., Khuda Afis.. (If some muslims catch me telling Jai Hind or Jai Shree Ram, then the next bomb blast will be in my locality/home; Yes, I'm afraid because I have a family depending on me)...

  11. oye yaar Diljeet, tusi kahin Bush Vush de doore te rishtedar to nai ho, oye kahin iss tarah terrorism ka koi solution hona hai. At least live upto your name yaar.


  12. Diljit:

    I feel your imagined pain...now get me the figures please. I mean, 24x7x365 and you still live to tell the tale?

    I let your comment pass not because I was afraid, but becazsue you are...I want to soothe your frayed nerves. Er, Har Har Mahadev...


    Rab rakha, ainu ne tau mera dil jeet (or peet) liya...akh bhar ayee...

  13. Thanks Indyeah...

  14. enjoyed the post !

    the boy seems to have hijacked the BJP election platform --- Mr.Advani seems to be spluttering like a goldfish when he tries to bring back the election to other issues...

    but, in a way it is good. the only difference between the Congress & the BJP is Hindutva.... naked, rampant, talibanesque Hindutva... and, i hope that the "Hindu vote" - that the BJP is targeting - takes a long hard look at what is happening and stops it now....

    The Muslim nations who stood by when fundamentalists took over are a good example to see what will happen if Hindutva wins... they are just as nutty :(

  15. this is the worst article i have read on Varun episode...it clearly ignites Hindu-Muslim hatred...similar to what the "so-called" speech of varun did..need of the hour is not to glorfy such articles, but to give more media space to nuteral articles..so FV is also trying to become a la Varun i the Blog space ..so whats difference between varun and FV..???

  16. Varun himself seems to have forgotten one small fact - technically, he himself, with a Parsi father and a Sikh mom, isn't a Hindu. And, with his hatred filled speech, he's far more scary than anyone with their name ending with "ullah". What I find totally fascinating is that his 8 year old cousin knows all about Osama and even knows what a "constituency" means....intelligent girl !

  17. woaaah farzana.. way to go... loved ur comments... i wonder how people stand for people and talk against people... stone age people were better than us anyday... atleast we would not have to hear such kiddish comments frm people standing to rule the country..huh

  18. Harini:

    We have had the NDA in power and the SS in Maharashtra and BJP in Gujarat, Rajasthan etc and we know what can happen...Varun has been let loose...


    Hmm, you read a lot and then sit with a measuring tape?! (Btw, this wasn't an article, just a blog post.)I don't talk about chopping off body parts; I just enjoy watching them...


    LOL...I think that little cousin is ready for the polls. He is hardly Hindu even in manner; there is a difference between Hindutvawadis and Hindus, anyway.


    This isn't about people anymore, but fake ideas. It is interesting that stone age folks used to strike stones against each other to start a fire to cook; now stones are pelted at others. Don't know what's cooking...
    - - -

    Anyhow, thanks to these new comments.

    I have more on pink panties and fundamentalism here:


    And even more on Varun and mommy here:


  19. The next budding "Taliban" leader... His words very much synchronizes with Islamic leaders' speech (cut-off head, hand, terrorize people, etc). But sad to see that he has become anti-hindu and following the path of violence...

  20. Hi,
    I like ur analysis regarding Varun Gandhi Case. So I quoted ur blog name in the idea contest. People are voting for the best blogger their.

  21. Anon:

    We have our own version of the Taliban, so why live on borrowed names?


    Thank you but I do not participate in any contests. And most certainly not through voting for best blogger!

    Btw, I see that you have linked your name with my blogpost...I suppose that translates into more hits :)


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