Sunday ka Funda

1. Sad to learn that servants and people in menial jobs only do your work well if they are treated with disdain. Is it that they have become so accustomed to being talked down to or does one appear as a person with some authority only if you put on airs?

2. I think it is pretty sick to read that a certain young film actress was run down with the comment that she would not even win the Miss Dombivili contest. I have been a bit out of touch with the ‘news’ and caught up with some of it in today’s papers. There are human beings who live in Dombivili, and looks are not area-specific. Neither is talent.

It is quite pathetic that people get bravos for their ‘honest’ views when they wouldn’t dare take on any of the Malabar Hill-Cuffe Parade divas with their ridiculous berets and over-the-top hostessing. Honesty is when you can forget which side your ‘intellectual’ bread is buttered.


  1. FV:

    OT. Welcome back. Nice to see that regular programming has resumed at Cross-connections. I hope your mom is keeping better health now. Wishing her good health and looking forward to more writings from you.

  2. FV,

    It is sad that there ARE some categories of menials who respect you only if you mistreat them. The same goes for the workplace too.

    We are like that only!

  3. PS:

    Thanks for your wishes...am trying to keep my sanity by driving people insane....


    We ought not to be like that only...it just drives me mad,


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