Abida Parveen for IPL!

While Abida Parveen shared stage space with Shubha Mudgal, no one was willing to pay a paisa for Pakistani cricketers. Moral of the story: You want a quickie evening shindig, then fine. If it has to do with money and no halo of ‘we are one’, then forget it.

To cheez badi hai mast...dust?

The excuses dished out for no owner in the Indian Premier League (IPL) III bidding for a Pakistani player are ludicrous. The considerations were that the players should be available for the entire season. Did any of the Pakistani players clearly state that they would not? Don’t they sign some contract? What if any of the picked up cricketers perform poorly or are injured or threatened, then would they be still considered available? Kolkata Knight Riders bowling coach Wasim Akram wanted Mohammed Aamer. No go. This means that people who understand the game are not the deciding factors.

It is a clear signal that the Indian government has interfered. If a team says that it did not have any Pakistani players in the past two IPLs, they were just smart enough to read the mind of the Indian government or be on the side of the establishment. You might wonder how that could be the case when we do have regular matches. That is different. It is two nations schmoozing; it is not about wow, let’s do peace. This is about bidding. It has its own dynamics. It means someone is worth something; the monetary part is based to a large extent on talent and ability to perform.

Pakistan are the T-20 champions, and there could not have been a better way to put them down than this. It is like, look guys you might be the winners, but you amount to jackshit in our stakes. You don’t even go under the hammer. This was clearly decided prior to the auction, for if they knew about non-availability they would not even be considered.

It also conveys to the Indian government that the franchisees are very understanding of the real relations between the two countries and will not do any mollycoddling. This is not done for the sake of the team but to send the right message to the relevant ministries (industries, petroleum, information and broadcasting) that, boss, keep us in mind in future. Money is at stake in ways other than on the cricket field.

As regards security concerns, there is nothing new. Remember the Shiv Sena destroying the pitches and warning against playing with Pakistan? Remember that it did not stop cricket matches and we did our friendly act in Lahore and Chennai as a cover-up for the ingrained animosity?

Some reports have mentioned about how demoralised the Pakistani cricket team is. Don’t know about that, and it ought not to be the case given that they know the undercurrents. Shahid Afridi said:

“Cricket is like religion in India and Pakistan. Sport is the only way to bring both the countries together. It is disappointing.”

This is competition and no one is bringing the two countries together. Cricket ceased doing that long ago.


  1. Farzana,
    Sadly , it is entirely true - all that you posted here.
    Too bad - couldn't do any "nitpicking" here - howmuch so ever that one would hope.
    And BTW, "Remember the Shiv Sena destroying the pitches and warning against playing with Pakistan?" - do you remember "Balasaheb" was subtly "heckled at" by Nikhil Wagle in his "Marathi Mahanagar" with an editorial titled "Bal Buddhicha Pratap" (loosely translated to "results of child's mentality") when the Indo/Pak match at Wankhede Stadium was disrupted ? Too bad, Nikhi Wagle too has gotten old now. And Shivsena - well, at times the State behaves like Shivsena. So much for proverbial inheritence.


  2. fv
    I wish cricket could be used as the start of healthy diplomacy again.

    Cricket is like a good Godess mom who Indo Pak need in the times of trouble.


  3. Farzana remembers the shiv sena thing...does she remember the kasab thing? Probably not..beyond the inconvenience of having to get her tea/coffee somewhere else, that "incident" didn't happen...

    LOOK THERE....MIssing flak vest....

  4. Mahesh

    You spoke serendipitously. Read Mumbai taxis! Nikhil Wagle has surprised me in recent times with some of his views; it isn’t age but what the westernised channels now demand.

    Too bad - couldn't do any "nitpicking" here - howmuch so ever that one would hope.

    :) Btw, I don’t term what you write as nitpicking. You go a step further t take an argument.

    Cricket (? Circle?):

    No sport, cultural activity or people-to-people or animal to animal contact is going to work as political diplomacy.

    Cricket is like a Goddess mom? Only when it was a gentleman’s game. Now that is is about rakes (those who rake in money!), it is sugar daddies and rich mommies.


    Oh dear. Of course, she remembers the Kasab thing, and now he is speaking in Marathi and acting all Shiv Sena.


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