I told you so...

The Shiv Sena and Shahrukh Khan have "climbed down" a bit, without altering their "ideological" positions. So, the SS is not interested in doing anything to interfere with the release of 'My Name Is Khan' and the actor won't take the war of words further. How convenient.

Anyhow, I said this would happen a few days ago in 'News Meeows -23'.

The new news was in yesterday's papers. One would imagine TV debates that are aired live to keep up with fresh news. Instead, we had the same things regurgitated. The usual shouting to emphasise nothing.

A few noticeable points:

* A studio audience is not the "aam junta".
* Dissent is not some tutored youth, who believes Shahrukh has done so much, standing up to say they would all go and line up to watch the film ("Come on guys, let us show them," he said). It is called falling prey to hype and following trends.
* Konkona Sen Sharma saying, "But arts and sports must be exempt from all this, no?" is the sort of bubble some people wish to protect. Why only arts and sports? There is a world outside also, no?

Did no one read the papers that morning? If they did, why did they not discuss the fact that there was a 'truce' of sorts.

Neither the SS nor Khan is standing for any ideological position so let us not even get there.


  1. You sure did :)
    Also over Vodka last night, a friend of mine had an even more enligthened view, both Men (Thackeray and Khan) are in Mumbai for Money , one through the charm of his style and the other through the fear and insecurity, they are businessmen in their own right , their interests do clash sometime but dhande mein koi dushman nahin hota . See, Vodka is always enlightening for the aatma ....

    Btw, one guy who deserves one tight slap is Simon Overland, Victorian Police Chief , who has advised Indian Students to Look Poor in order to avoid robberies. Missed your radar.

    Also time to Cover Dr Abdullah for his Burqa explaination...there are some "shoorveers" who must read your view on that one more time :)

  2. Hi FV and Manish, looks like now BCCI is bending over for Bal Crackeray and his not-so-merry men.

    They are going to give him a presentation on why Australians can visit mumbai...I must have landed on Bizarro-world...oh wait, this is India wonlee. Never mind.

    It amazes me that these SS dweebs gave Michael Jackson a rousing welcome (regardless of the rumours about his personal life), and yet go around thwacking people on Valentine's day.

    If there is one group of people who need to be beaten silly with a clue-stick until they get a clue or two, it is these bunch of worthies.

    Now, excuse me while take out my frustration on this bag of cookies.

  3. Here's to hoping that TV anchors and their ilk get away from sharing their family neuron, and get a brain for their personal use because if the TV anchors get any more braindead, these anchors should be replaced with a good-looking boombox that can repeat itself tirelessly.

    I know a parrot that can do better interviews than Rajdeep Sardesai and his ilk, but that little bird is a little bit nervous to speak in front of live cameras (with live people behind them).

    People on TV used to be smarter when Doordarshan was around...granted, they would only talk about how much fertilizer to add to your potatoes and when to harvest your corn, in between long Melancholy Saarangi vadans by Ustad Amjad Ali Khan. At least it was all real.

  4. AI,
    I have only one thing to say on BCCI, their correct name is BCC, India is of no consequence to this money and sponsorship centric organisation. It has absolutely nothing to do the sport.
    BTW, In india even on DTH, you will have top pay extra to watch match which could have been playing in your own city. News Chanels are forbidden to report
    score tickers ...We have lost it in Cricket.
    All Sports in this country should be handed over to the Indian Army, they might bring some "sportsmanship" back

  5. The HM seems to have given the Maharastra CM Chavan a piece of his mind about letting the Shiv Sena create trouble...but then he is also a politician, so he could just be saying it, and Chavan will continue to do a stellar job of doing nothing about the Sena goons and their thuggery.

  6. I think the Ustad AAK played the Sarod...can't remember who topped the Sarangi Charts in the 80s on DD.

  7. FV
    What is it with SS Khan? Earlier he sounded someone with some sense of balance, later he sounded with some senseless hype. I don't however think it is the standout to the point of granting permission to Pakistani criketers or not?

    And then came Suleman Khan, a big time SS Khan's rival to support Him in his take. Please, explain. I am confused.

  8. Manish, Al:

    Was not in seat so could not take on many things...I think the aatma needs purging, which means the occasional silence.

    I was shocked to see that an interview with SRK was titled "Shahrukh Khan, The Indian"..I only caught the last glimpse of it.

    @Al: "topped the sarangi charts". This is funny, like some pop charts :)


    Who is SS Khan and Suleiman Khan? Now, I am confused.

    You mean Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan...and why they are supporting each other? For nothing. Nothing sells like nothing.


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