Too much light

I find it difficult to discuss celebrity lives, but when these lives are thrust on us with details, allegations and clarifications, then we do have a right to comment. Especially, if what is being stated reflects rather poorly on how these public figures choose to behave and yet expect to be seen as role models. In the case of Om Puri (his earlier controversy included) there is also the aura of being a serious actor and not the usual suspect.

He and his wife have decided to get a divorce. Fine. It is how he is going about it that is disturbing. He had moved into his first wife’s office and now he has returned because he wants his son to come to terms with the situation. This is what he said:

“I want to spend my old age with Seemaji. I’ve done her wrong in the past. I need to make amends. And after my back surgery I need to be looked after.”

This is pure selfishness. What amends will he make while she is looking after his back? He went to her when he wanted, walked out when he felt it was required, will wait till his son understands – the son who brought a photocopy of a newspaper story home for his mother to read is already grown up and knows what is happening. What does the first wife do? Wait endlessly for old age?

Meanwhile, what sort of equation will he share with the second wife who knows of his decision to leave?

“Personally, I’ve been going through a painful period. Career-wise too, I’m not happy with the roles coming my way. If this continues, I’ll leave Mumbai and live a life of anonymity in any small town. But I’d think about this only after Ishaan is 18.”

I’d say this about anyone. There is absolutely no sense of propriety here. Two women and a child are at the mercy of a man’s personal trauma, his career. If his career picks up he will be in the limelight. Then he won’t think about anonymity.

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In a related story, our celebrities were asked whether Jennifer Aniston should accept Brad Pitt back since he is splitting with Angelina Jolie.

Is this all about taking back, going back, leaving, being left?

Don’t people care about subtlety and areas of darkness?


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  2. This attitude really gets my goat. It goes beyond gender and is despicable even at the human level. The problem is that more people are only interested in the 'scoop' and the juicy bits without concern for those involved.

  3. The "scoop" mentality is deplorable but when there is money to be made by being callous and indifferent to the suffering of others under the name of "journalistic objectivity"...all nonsense if you ask me.

    As for the actor's troubles, the celebrity/actor's gilded cage does not come without its disadvantages. Anonymity is under-appreciated.


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