A Tissue for Sale

We read about the prized virgins in backward countries and are offended. We read about hymenoplasty and are offended. How about ‘priced’ virgins?

A 19-year-old in New Zealand auctioned her virginity online for $32,000 for tuition money. She used the pseudonym ‘Unigirl’. Her ad said:

“I am offering my virginity by tender to the highest bidder as long as all personal safety aspects are observed. This is my decision made with full awareness of the circumstances and possible consequences.”

Over 30,000 people had viewed her ad and more than 1,200 had made bids before she accepted an offer of more than $32,000. All this she managed without posting a photograph or details that were verifiable.

What does it tell us? That those who bid were doing it to help her get a good education? That they were excited by the possibility of a blind date they would be paying for? Is it that they valued the virginity since they can get sex from anywhere? Why would anyone take the trouble?

Even if they are not certain, those who took part in the auction must have felt powerful. There is a culture of ‘deflowering’ that makes men believe they are the first to conquer.

That is the reason we have these surgeries to repair ruptured hymens. While it is known to happen in non-western countries, the idea of virginity – and the nubile young girl – is indeed the stuff of fantasies as well as creative works.

Without morally judging the seller or the buyer here, it is disturbing that the girl could not borrow this amount from parents or friends. She is obviously smart enough to know about safety aspects. How would she ensure that? Can she, a ‘bought item’, demand a medical test? Is it only her virginity at stake as a one-time act or will she get trapped into giving more of herself?

Is she certain that the amount will be given to her, and if so her real identity may be out since the transaction is unlikely to be in cash?

I am afraid I don’t think much of such education that forces people – men and women – to objectify themselves or rather a part of themselves. They become reduced to just what they are selling. Some may think it is empowering because 'Unigirl' chose to do what she did. A system or society that makes people use these measures only transforms them into manipulated dolls who begin to wallow in the very concept of manipulation.

She will know how much she costs but not how much she is really worth as a person. And that is the benchmark she might well start using to gauge others. It is a loss, anyway we see it.


  1. West is biggest exploiter,think you wrote about comparing body exposure and veil.Also part of social networking is dangerous with people meeting anonymous people and getting into trouble

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  3. I am not sure I see the difference between selling sex as a virgin (and advertising it as selling virginity) and selling sex otherwise, which is considered illegal in most countries. This is a very clever way in which this girl has exploited the legal system and she earns 32,000 US$ for a day's work. That can go a long way in New Zealand, which is not a very rich country.

  4. What a subject .Virginity.Lack of it.Hymen repairs.price of it,sale of it ,fight for it .
    What is price of it .As a man why my virginity is of lesser value than of a woman.
    Do not tell me that it is more painful for a woman.Did you know that uncircumcised male may bleed at the time of intercourse.Why it is not kosher to talk about male sexuality till it is declining.
    What a topic and Farzana you can rumble with the best of them.
    we know wars have been fought for fairer sex and for lesser reasons than virginity and money.i would say that is an explosive mixture.

    kul bhushan

  5. I will believe male sexuality is declining on this planet when various species stop becoming extinct because they are having their nuts sliced off by poachers who have a ready market in men trying to find why they are not longer standing up for themselves and someone else with rigid and upright values like they used to in their younger days.

    Frankly, all the people fighting for animal rights would save more animals by becoming viagra salesmen in the undeveloped world -- this obsession with "male virility in humans" is knocking off many species into extinction at a steady rate.

  6. Unigirl is very clever indeed. Her anonymity allows her to make contact outside of public view to present a plausible explanation for the transfer of 32000$ to her account, which will trigger off red flags all over. There will be legal requirements on her to validate that the transaction was indeed legal.

    I wager that we will never hear the part of this story where Unigirl failed to get 32000$ dollars because her virginity was sealed with Red Tape provided by the NZ government.

  7. KB:

    Yes, I did write about the two extremes and our reactions to them. My beef at that level is why we damn certain kinds of exploitation and not others. Social networking has become a nuisance and dangerous in some cases, but crimes and buying and selling existed always.

    Kul Bhushan:

    How many times have you read, watched discussions about male virginity? I do know of one such, but that is left for another time, another blogpost.

    Agreed that the male does have problems, and we are not even talking about who suffers more pain. For all we know, the guy who bid for ‘Uni’ might be a virgin too. The issue is about commercialism and I think I raised questions about the young wman far more than I did about her ‘buyer’.


    I am resisted taking a moral position because that automatically deprives a discussion of other valid posers.

    Selling sex as a virgin is different if it is done wilfully and marketed as such. It is also done for an ‘honourable’ reason, which really turns our idea of honour on its head. Commercial sex is illegal, but continues because the system allows it and the women are often, not always, forced into it, especially in our part of the world.

    I am not sure how ‘Unigirl’ will get round the legalities. And we do not know if it is a day’s work…the possibility of her being further used with promises of ‘higher education’ remain.

    Her anonymity is understandable. Most sex workers do not use their real names.

    I am intrigued by your almost certain opinion regarding the NZ government and its red tape. Apparently, the website claimed it had not broken any rules. How will they trace this girl? If she is anything like some people in or part of the world, she’d say half black, half white…to save taxes!

  8. "I am intrigued by your almost certain opinion regarding the NZ government and its red tape. Apparently, the website claimed it had not broken any rules. How will they trace this girl?"

    FV, I know that any bank transfers above 5000$ will be flagged by security agencies in the USA. The website has not broken any rules because they were actually not involved in selling sex, only selling virginity, and both the bidder and the auction winner agree that the auction site has completed its part of the transaction.

    Once the auction site is not in the picture, Unigirl just has to make the buyer come to New Zealand since he would have to be physically present for "delivery of purchase" and I suppose he could just carry that cash in and hand it to her.

    So yeah, maybe she can pull it off...hope she has friends to watch her back...this all sounds highly risky and dangerous to me.


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