How the media desecrates

We talk about desecration in such linear terms. It is only the vile people who do it, the intolerant bunch. The liberal media is rarely pulled up. Watch this:

We know some media houses have commercialised religion and festivals and taken over virtually every such space that is available. But, how can they use their front page to audaciously claim ‘The Times of India Presents’ and make Ganesha into a tacky film character? The insidious message of fighting evil is of course not to be missed, especially since the good lord is placed prominently in the foreground of the memorable monuments of November 26, 2008 attacks.

Interestingly, there is no rat as the deity’s mode of transport; instead, he is poised in the air, Hanuman-like, with a mace. While Ganesha is worshipped for auspicious beginnings and to remove obstacles, this sort of pugnacity is not quite in character. The ‘film’ is ‘coming soon at a mandal near you’. The fiction lies not in the mythology but the autosuggestion and the conniving method in the innocence of celebration.

To further whet the aggressive credo, there is competitiveness. The godly pantheon for all its variety does not clash. Here, one deity is clashing against himself by those who have created different versions of him. It is not about how spiritual the version is but how well-sculpted, how much money has been spent, how many devotees it can gather, and how many celebrities. God has not only become a commodity but a way to create fissures among people.

The poor man’s feast has now become a Page 3 phenomenon.


  1. As long as my Ganesha is not drawn nude by mohammadean mothafuckas, I don't mind his desecration.

  2. Geez, Ganesha khush hua...I'd have thought with a nick like Chanakya you'd show the smarts and realise that 'your' Ganesha is already topless and shows a good deal of leg.

    You might like to address the issue to a certain M.F.Husain who is pampered by many Ganesha worshippers, or maybe talk to his celebrity clientele.

    And please, please, do get back to us with what they tell ya...

    Oh, and ask those pandal wallahs to find non-Mossie sculptors.

    Now, could you pass me the modak?


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