Ayodhya door ast

L.K. Advani is by far the shrewdest politician India has produced since Mahatma Gandhi. When he talks about pseudo-secularism he should be looking at the mirror for no one is as pseudo about it as he, his seal of secularism to Jinnah being precious irony. He has pretty much created the worst possible post-Partition partition in India. And all he had to do was "dream", his word, about a temple in India...

Pushing the idea of Papa Babar, Advani completely destabilised the middle-class...These people have puja rooms in a little corner of their homes, visit the local temple, go on pilgrimages, but never did they hallucinate about such a fractured fantasy. Now, having an opinion on the Ayodhya issue has become a psychological need.

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  1. "L.K. Advani is by far the shrewdest politician India has produced since Mahatma Gandhi. "

    Well, you could have added "wily bania for Gandhi" and this thesis would have been complete.

  2. I am not into caste politics...wily is as wily does among any group...a thesis is just the beginning...

  3. Considering that Gandhi has received gratuitous insults from all the so-called "groups", you could be generous enough to expound your thesis. It has become a sort of an intellectual badge to lambaste Gandhi for any/every problem that one can think of. I have heard some loony tunes blame Gandhi for the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Pakistan! Of course, they all insist about the obvious innocence of Jinnah, et al. (refer another idiot AS Asghar)

  4. Just as there are 'Gandhian' groups (and note how the BJP too joins the bandwagon, but not surprisingly), there si every reason for those who do not agree with Gandhi's politics to question it. You might be surprised that not many have any intellectual leanings or aspirations, but I can well imagine the Gandhi huddle group dissing the opposition with that little smirk. And, no Gandhi is not blamed for everything. His coterie would love that, and we aren't yet ready to give that pleasure.


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