Untouchable Aafia

Why are the Pakistani peroxide blondes not coming out in support of Aafia Siddiqui when she is closer to their league? It is surprising to see the Jamaat-i-Islami leading protests and asking for the repatriation of a neuro-scientist as a “daughter of the nation”. It is even more surprising that the Pakistani media is trying to be balanced in this case when they have not shown such circumspection in instances where they have been provided dossiers or infiltrators have been proved culpable on several charges...

The reason I have asked about women protesters is because, as happens often, Aafia’s case got ‘complicated’ with the duplicitous ploy of the febrile female accusation.

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My original headline was 'The anti-Aafia Mafia'. I was asked if I could give an alternative "just in case". It made no sense to me, but I'd much rather make the choice myself. And so I did.

'Express Tribune' also yanked off the last sentence, which reads:

For a nation that wants to put its finger in every Islamic cake, the anti-Aafia mafia is icing for the US seeking hysteria to justify its hyperbolic xenophobia.

This is ridiculous. Unless they wanted to preserve the word 'mafia'

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Anyhow, for those who have been following my work, there is a deeper look at the issue that many of you have already seen here


  1. Got this via email. Am not sure whether the person has posted it at the website and whether it will appear and when. So, here goes:

    I cannot believe that you said two things. Firstly, even if she was guilty of picking up a gun to attack her captors, they were her CAPTORS, who also captured her children and tortured them, we should commend her for her bravery, for the job of firing at the captors of our women and children was not being carried out by the vast majority of the men among Muslims. So your statement about the most important thing being that she is innocent of the crime she is accused of is false, the most important thing is that they took our woman and had her way with her and no one freed her!

    Secondly, how could you claim that the "Jamaatis" are insincere about their struggle for her freedom. Did it ever occurr to you that you have been brainwashed regarding the intentions, motives and actions of the ONLY men among the Muslims who are fighting american oppression face to face (the jihadis)? They want her free, BECAUSE they cannot bear the torment she has been through. End of story. You play very well into the hands of americans when you question their sincerity. No one is paying them, and in fact, their uncompromised stance against america has cost them their safety, wealth and health. There is a complex among some people in pakistan, whereby they cannot accept the genuine sincerity of any Muslim carrying out an act, so long as that Muslim is religious.

    support the mujahideen, without whom there is no honour among Muslims. The only way to free her is jihad, jihad which has to result with her freedom and the complete destruction of america, and all her allies who kidnap and rape women and children! We are trained to hate even the word jihad, yet the americans have made acceptable words like drone, invasion, pre-emptive, extra-ordinary rendition, legalization of torture. these people who have taken up arms in afghanistan and pakistan are fighting the invaders of their land and the killers of their children. End of story.

  2. FV
    [Why are the Pakistani peroxide blondes not coming out in support of Aafia Siddiqui when she is closer to their league?]

    This is the most hilarious statement that I have ever read about these Pakistani peroxide blondies....LOL. OMG, you just made me laugh so v.much that I have stomachache now. So, very true.

    Well, on a serious note: The case of Dr.Afia is simple which is made complicated. If you remember I wrote samething before about Dr.Afia. I have double feelings for this woman. I feel sorry for her when I view her as mother, sister and daughter, but, I feel sorry for American citizens who would have been her victims based on her plans against Americans by being incahoot with Al-Qaida and Talibans. She wanted to kill innocent civilians....she left her innocent kids and husband for this Arabic Al Qaida man just to be a Jihadist. She left her bright future and career just to fight with American army while still using American resources for her education, career and for using that great country as her own homeland....

    I have mixed feelings about her. I am sure that she is absolutely not innocent or any victim, rather she planned to victimize innnocent Americans.


  3. Circle:

    Well, thanks for the laughs...people can be so humourless!

    I am aware about your mixed feelings, and from your POV it is understandable.

    I do not agree that she was going to kill innocent Americans and therefore she must be sentenced. Will US marines be sentenced? They have been unwittingly become s part of organised crimes against innocent civilians.

    The prosecution says she is not with the al Qaeda, so what is her crime?

    I also think that expats should not think the US or any country is doing them a favour...they can choose to change the laws and keep out immigrants, and not all immigrants have it easy.

    Unfortunately, as I wrote, I am not too sure she will get justice even in Pakistan.

    More posted in a new blog...

  4. Like all true pakis and islamists, FV takes up the cause of the terrorist paki.


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