Salman Khan vs Pakistanis in India

Before questioning Salman Khan about speaking to Pakistani news channel Express 24/7, since they have blocked Indian channels, the Shiv Sena should first ask why Veena Malik is to participate in 'Bigg Boss' or Wasim Akram and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan can judge reality shows.

This is not the main argument against Salman. As we have not had any major attacks later, we are stuck on 26/11. He said what some of us wrote about right then about the hype "because elite people were targeted. Attacks have happened in trains and small towns too, but no one talked about it so much".

He is right.

--> Full column at Express Tribune:


  1. I love LOVE the article...its been a while since i last visited your blog but whenever I do its always a pleasure...not that i find pleasure in the cynicism of today's world but in your writing style...:)

    As far as Shiv Sena and the celebrities are concerned there will always be a drama. Unfortunately, as audiences, at times, we fuel this drama to its extreme by giving it unnecessary attention which it dwells on.

    About Veena Malik and Ali Zafar...i would not have expected anything from the "wanna be" individuals like them. I guess any publicity is good publicity. I just wish they had the common sense to be a bit modest about it.


  2. Thanks, and I think a decent dose of cynicism keeps us on our toes.

    I liked your dig about how the wannabes should be modest about their publicity!

  3. Yes you are right, an Akshay Kumar or an Aishwarya Rai would never be asked these questions by the media, on either side. I watched Salman’s interview on Youtube, and what he said was not headline material anyway but it was made out to be. I also noticed that the interviewer was persistently asking him about his views on Pakistan, Islamophobia, Pak-India peace talks etc., as if asking him whose side are you on. These same questions are asked to ShahRukh by the Indian media;( for Salman they have other interesting stuff, like his legal entangles, love life etc.). I wonder what the headline would be if a Khan says ( to the Indian media) that his views on these subjects are exactly the same as Mr. Amitabh Bachchan!

  4. Nice swipe that about Amitabh Bachchan. I almost wrote Bachchan's name but these days Akshay Kumar is getting on my nerves!

    Yes, there is a tendency to really push it with the queries to IMs. I found a comment on that site rather telling: asking whether the paper has a policy of not having non-Muslim Indian writers. Somehow Pakistanis are more comfortable with them, a subject I have addressed and got a good deal of flak for. The Khans they don't mind...


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