Jolie's image-making

Angelina Jolie has gone to Pakistan to help the flood victims. Good enough.

But why is she dressed as though she is visiting a dargah or some holy place? And why has she been photographed with a fully-veiled woman? This is just pushing a stereotype, when people have been stripped off their belongings and have to make do with what little they have. Men, too, were affected, and many, many children. But Ms. Jolie is with this kind of woman because it makes such a huge impact.

Whereas, these women wade through the waters unconcerned about how they appear.

And there are several others who often come out in the streets to protest without their heads covered.

This is part of the image-making exercise.  Of the advanced society helping the poor and trying to be like them in a show of empathy. After Jolie leaves and gets back into her thigh-high slit gown, these women will be still seen by the world as cloaked creatures. The world will not think about those who are helping within. Or even the corruption within. Vultures overtaken by vultures.


  1. Mstaab:

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  2. It’s really sad. Please correct me if I am wrong, as per my knowledge this is your first post related to Pakistan Flood 2010 and what we get is crash course on image-making. This is the prominent snap that was picked up but one can find other snaps and videos.





  3. Farzana,
    The floods in Pakistan are truly huge in proportions. At least twenty percent of the country is under water (now receding). For "perceptional reasons" there has been a large apathy from donors for relief measures. I must say here that as immediate neighbours we Indians have been vaccilating between "Serves them right" and "what floods" positions about our colonial cousins. A position denigrated by our official Government response - patiently offering help at whatever acceptable terms. While Pakistan does face a "perception problem" , I gues we need to examine our moral positions as well. Us and westerns , too.
    - Mahesh.
    p.s.: As a suggestion you may want to speak about how Pakistani floods are being viewed by
    "outsiders" - us included.

  4. FV
    I am one of your admirers as a genuine writer. I feel a special bond between your blog and myself. You gave me an identity for your blogs which I hold dear to myself. I know you're almost a celebrity free lance writer and still finds time to interact with us, your fans via your blogs. I have been visiting your blogs since many years which I love to do.

    But, this particular blog, instead of soothing my feelings stirred an anger towards you, as a writer.
    This shows your insensitivity towards those who are suffering to an extreme where they are left with nothing at all. These are human sufferings, I did expect from you a lot for these flood stricken unfortunate humans.

    But, you receded yourself just to criticise, this great lady, Anglina Jolie who is there to help those unfortunate humans, who is there to help them financially and physically with nothing but sympathies. She even tried to blend in by wearing their dresses just to make them feel comfortable and just to console them with her touch.

    She is an inspiration, she is already a celeb, she doesn't need more fame or money.

    Please, I urge your to do something for these unfortunate people, just donate 1 rupee and tell us about it with heart. I will salute your pure sentiments.


  5. She is not a politician to need image management. I congratulate her for bringing attention to this huge tragedy that not many are talking about.

    It has affected more people than Tsunami of 2008.

  6. Farhan, Kashif:

    I am not giving a crash course, but merely pointing out an attitude. Jolie is all covered up even in the videos and the stereotypes go beyond snaps and videos.

    I was talking about image-making and not "image management".

  7. Mahesh:

    Agreed, the problem itself is mammoth and there are several questions. I did write something, but I saw the disgusting dance of one-upmanship and held back the piece.

    I spoke to a friend who has just returned to his home in Karachi after a long trip and he sounded helpless. He is involved with a major political group and despite donations, he just feels lost. His views on how the floods have been portrayed are similar to mine. And I recount this because Pakistanis are being swept by this tide.


    Thank you for your honest feedback. I may understand your emotions, but I cannot concur with your opinion on Jolie. She does not need fame or money, right. I have problems with celebs doing the sympathy rounds and, let me assure you, I know people who have worked for years in Pakistan among the people who are affected for various reasons and they may dress differently but are accepted.

    It is sad that Pakistanis need an outside inspiration when the common citizen has been trying to contribute. I am not talking about politicians, although we cannot see them as B/W.

    If I have to speak about any donation anywhere, then in my view my heart is not necessarily pure. Quite the contrary.

    We will have to disagree on this topic, but thank you for your words about this space we share.


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