Sunday ka Funda

“There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes”

- Richard Buckminster Fuller

These pictures of the latest strap-on mattress may seem to be inventive, but it expects expected outcomes. Straps for the hands so women can stay in place comfortably and men can hold on for dear life, a trench for the men to place their knees “for extra traction and grip”.

The makers do admit that “even the laziest lovers can put some extra snap into their performance”.

Wonder why they did not just make a nice little seat where the guy could deposit his account while he settled down with his gin and tonic.


  1. You are a naughty girl.

  2. FV
    Is this your bed room? Beautiful background scenery.


  3. Kamal:

    What did I do?!


    Are you humouring me? If this is my bedroom then

    1. I give it out for ad shoots
    2. I let people use it
    3. I have bought this mattress and asked friends to pose so I could put it up here
    4. One of the 'characters' is me :)

    Btw, what do you think of the foreground?

  4. FV
    Foreground/background doesn't matter as long as you have ground under your feet.

    Any room could be your's as long as it has the room for your heart and soul for relaxation.


  5. Circle:

    Well said...not sure about the ground on my feet, though!


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