Men love honey traps

If you are a guy with a Smartphone, just wait for her to call and say, “Honey, it’s me!” She’ll pour honey into your ears aching for some whispers. She isn’t real, but if you have downloaded an application such as this, I don’t think you are real too.

This South Korean invention will have video calls from a virtual model. Mina is 22; a real model posed and recorded about a hundred messages. She has now been transformed into an App.

One would imagine that as technology progresses people would understand that the progress in mindsets would follow. Apparently it isn’t so.

This is for lonely men; women are not supposed to feel lonely or want someone to talk to them.

Mina is young “with a perfect body and disarming smile”. It raises questions about how older men will see this as an important aspect in their quest for real relationships. You might say this happens in other forms of recreation as well – the models are young, curvy and sensuous. True, but they do not call and feed the male ego three to four times a day.

Here are some lines she speaks:

“I saw a horror movie today and I’m so scared.”

This just reinforces the belief that women are fearful little creatures who need to be saved even from horror movies, when the bloke who is watching her is the one horrified of his own life.

“I miss you honey! Good night, I will see you in my dreams.”

Fine. It would take a fool to believe this, knowing that he has got the application, and he knows she has never seen him. But it can give men the power to believe that their invisibility, their lack of grooming, their persona are irrelevant and they can get away with being bumpkins and bums.

“Are you still sleeping? Time for breakfast!”

This line assumes that she is the one who will be serving him. I am sure she is not waking him up to get her breakfast in bed. So the spoilt brat of a man can get a bit of extra snooze and the scent of waffles instead of getting egg on his face.

At $1.99, Mina comes cheap, which is again a problem because men will begin to think that women are easy to get. You think I am just over-reacting to some fun? She is on call. Said one bloke:

“Mina called me while I was working overtime. This is just great.”

Poor, tired souls, these men. And they need women for refreshment.

And this one clinches it:

“I wish I could meet Mina before I die.”

The martyr fella. It isn’t a fantasy; it is payback time for all the charged up moments she gave him. Now if only Mina could land up there with an ice pick. Dying can get lonely.


  1. FV "Dying can get lonely."

    FV, Not that much different from living, if you ask me. It is not like people around me would really give a damn if I lived or died beyond the inconvencience that my disappearance would cause in their daily lives. But can't let that get me down.


  2. We fool ourselves in a 100 ways everyday, so why not this? For 1.99$, the customer gets to fool themselves that someone gives a damn, even if programmed to do so.

    Just sad that people nowadays need mirages to affirm their existence and meet the next day, but whatever works to help each of us find a purpose to want to get up the next day and live another day.

    The lucky ones do not need to look for a reason to do that...they already have many reasons to live another day. Just another opinion....


  3. Al:

    Oh, I know loneliness and the other stuff you mention. I also understand that people need to find ways to 'live'.

    I was merely pointing out the huge gender disparity here.

    But I am concerned about how technology is impacting human interaction.

    PS: I did not say anything against dogs! And I also know that crying into inanimate pillows too is some kind of dependence.

  4. FV "I was merely pointing out the huge gender disparity here. "

    Do you mean "women are not as lame as men to want such devices" or do you mean " women crave such devices and this evil male chauvinistic world is keeping it out of their hands"? I am sure a female version of this program can be created in under a day.

    "But I am concerned about how technology is impacting human interaction. "

    I think it has made human interaction better by not actually have us interacting face to face, and we can get things done with "someone at work " in a chat window without having to meet them and put up with them.

    "I did not say anything against dogs! And I also know that crying into inanimate pillows too is some kind of dependence."

    Yes, you did not say anything about dogs, though wonder why you had to mention that. :) As for dependence on crying into pillows, I will take your word for it.



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