Rahul Gandhi, Saffron Terrorism and America

Time to come out

Had anyone heard Rahul Gandhi talk about ‘Hindu terrorism’ before? Then why is everyone jumping the gun and accusing him of vote-bank politics? Will the saffron leaders make up their minds whether he is trying to get Muslim votes or that he should not have talked to a foreign diplomat? Were these parties not crowing just the other day about how in Nitish Kumar’s economic paradise, Bihar, Muslims voted for him just as they had done in Narendra Modi’s Gujarat? So, why are they getting into a tizzy?

Closing ranks - Uma Bharti with the BJP's Lalji Tandon

Uma Bharti wants Rahul to learn history, and indeed he should, just as much as she should not only learn history but also stop telling lies. And denying the existence of saffron terrorism. History is Nathuram Godse. History is the Jan Sangh that was in opposition to the Muslim League even before the Partition. History is that religious politics has been around.

I again wish to point out, as I have done earlier, that these WikiLeaks cable reports are quoting western diplomats. In this case:

(Rahul) Gandhi is reported to have told US ambassador Timothy Roemer although “there was evidence of some support (for the LeT) among certain elements in India's indigenous Muslim community, the bigger threat may be the growth of radicalized Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community”.
Where would she be without them? Sadhvi Pragya with the BJP top leadership

Is this not true? While Jammu and Kashmir has seen outside infiltration, we cannot ignore the local militant groups and the role of the security forces, whether there are WikiLeaks about it or not. And no one can deny the polticisation of the armed forces during the BJP regime. That was a very real threat. Sadhvi Pragya was with an armyman.

Incidentally, it is Muslims who should be raising their voices since he has mentioned support to LeT from the indigenous Muslim community (and not even ‘radicalised Muslim groups’). But, we shall let that pass because not everyone can be in denial.

Anyhow, compare the casualties caused by the Lashkar-e-Taiba in the rest of India with those in communal riots. Don’t the figures speak for themselves?

Here are some quotes:

“If he sees a fringe group as the biggest threat…it only underscores how ignorant he is about India.”
         - Ravi Shankar Prasad, BJP

The BJP, VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena are fringe groups? Don’t try and divert attention. He mentioned the radicalised political groups and everyone knows about the support they get. As much as the LeT gets from the powers in Pakistan.

“It is ‘shocking’…there is a race among senior Congress leaders to project Hindus as terrorists.”


This should have happened long ago. It is unfortunate that the RSS is branding all Hindus and assuming they support this sad little organisation. Just as not all Muslims will support the Jamaat-e-whatever and the Indian Mujahideen. Hindutva parties must fight the Congress for its role in communal politics as and when it actually takes place. But at that time these parties are busy doing their own ballot dancing.

“They don’t know what the Hindu ethos stands for. To call Hindu groups more dangerous that the LeT is the product of a sick mind.”

- Prakash Javdekar, BJP

Is the BJP in charge of the Hindu ethos? It is a way of life, isn’t it? It is about karma, isn’t it? So, let the Hindus decide what ethos they wish to follow. I don’t know how exactly Rahul Gandhi has been quoted, but since he has stood by the general comment, I’d like to state that any person with some perspective can see that ‘more dangerous’ is contextual. It also means that the BJP is not denying anything.

Narendra Modi - the economy is at the tip of his sword

One can safely aver that had he said that it was less dangerous the effect would have been the same.

Some have said that he should have shown maturity while talking to a foreign diplomat. Had he said something really nasty about the Indian Mujahideen would anyone have questioned his maturity?

I am pleasantly surprised he dropped all inhibitions to state this. Consider the background. The US plays Pakistan rather well and knows pretty much what it is up to. He has given them another headache to worry about. This has nothing to do with vote-bank politics, but the survival of the Congress party’s supremacy in Indo-US cooperation. If America says, “Fight terrorism”, then the Congress will shoot back that we will be with you, Uncle Sam, but help us out to deal with our opposition.

I’d say, this is a new mature Rahul Gandhi, and never mind what you will watch in the debates on TV tonight. All that frothing will create minor studio storms. The Gandhi guy has ensured that the pool of still waters will run deep into the US mindset. He is not interested in what Indians think.

I won’t vote for him, but I’ll lend him my ear.


  1. http://sam131141510thebittertruth.blogspot.com/2007/12/duty-responsibility-law-and-order.html

    The Foremost duty and
    responsibility of a leader is to serve the mankind. It’s to be constructive. Anger, hatred and frustrations are destructive, which is not good to prosper. It has to be replaced with brotherhood, compassion and love in order to achieve the noble cause of mankind. It’s to serve and achieve the good purpose without any personal greedy desire to dictate and rule forcibly. It’s to confess, seek and pray for good things in life. It’s to be calm, gentle, humble and thus be stable. The objective to fulfill the necessity and requirement of the generations is to be achieved at any cost. They have to sacrifice the false ego of superiority. It has to be replaced with brotherhood, compassion and love in order to achieve the noble cause of mankind. It is not saying something and doing something else, but it is saying the right thing and doing exactly what we say. Law and order is to protect the innocent and poor. Law and order must not be used to create fear and terror but to provide freedom and liberty to masses and generations, for the protection of the needy and poor people. Law and order has to be reformed to better safe standards. Innocent people are hurt When Law and Order is not well reformed and implemented in reality. Innocent poor people who are helpless are the direct victims.

  2. "If America says, “Fight terrorism”, then the Congress will shoot back that we will be with you, Uncle Sam, but help us out to deal with our opposition. "

    FV, exactamundo. (That's spanish, for "you go, girl!").


  3. Thanks, Manoj, for sharing these words.


    The girl 'went' away quite a few years ago :)

  4. "The girl 'went' away quite a few years ago :)"

    FV, :) I was not visualizing you in pigtails when I wrote that...but "You Go, Woman" or "You go, frighteningly young human of the female persuasion" does not have the same ring :)


  5. Uh-oh, at this age I do love do say that "youth is wasted on the young"...kind of convenient middle-age strategy to get some goodies :)

  6. FV, you are incorrigible :) -- being middle-aged is fine as long one has people to interact with, but that is never the case...everyone I know from youth is busy building their own little empire and dynasty...yawn worthy stuff as far as I am concerned.

    " Getting goodies" is beyond my abilities...after having observed peers go through the scorpion mating dance for a casual fling. The first pre-requisite seems to be the ability to lie through one's teeth to impress "the ladies" and said ladies seem to pretend to believe those lies and both parties win by the next day and sometimes are glad to never see each other again.....I guess some people's brains allows such behaviour, but unfortunately mine doesn't :-S. Wish there was a pill to fix this...



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