Sunday ka Funda

Colonial Cousins: Hariharan and Leslie Lewis


  1. Pretzel Logic at it's worst at best.

  2. FV. Thanks. Nice song, though not sure I like the "oh jeebus, save my ass" tone of the song. Love Al

  3. FV, I prefer the lyrics to the song linked to by Anonymous in the first post better. :-)

    "Night by Night"

    "It's a beggars life, said the Queen of Spain
    But don't tell it to a poor man
    'Cause he's got to kill for every thrill
    The best he can

    Everywhere around me
    I see jealousy and mayhem
    Because no men have all their piece of mind
    To carry them

    When the joker tried to tell me
    I could cut it in this rube town
    When he tried to hang that sign on me
    I said "Take it down "


    link: http://tinyurl.com/33byn82

  4. Anon, Al:

    The reason I put this song up that day is explained in the Ayodhya post. That is the reason I did not say anything and merely uploaded the video.

    It is not about what is better...for me they stay honest to the 'fusion' genre and I have been a great admirer of Hariharan's ghazals.

    Here's one more from them:



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