Rape: Beyond Shiney Ahuja

Actor Shiney Ahuja gets seven years rigorous imprisonment for raping his maid. I am surprised that even now there are people who are claiming his innocence when the judges too refused to accept the maid’s later turning hostile. They have evidence and the DNA samples match. Why is no one concerned that victims can be forced to backtrack, especially in such cases?

And let us not get into the ‘he is being made an example of’ argument. He never was in a position where his example would stand out.

My views have already been clearly expressed in Taking the shiney off him. Someone had wanted to know what I - a "man hater" - would say if he was proved innocent. My position would not change on the subject of rape, even if this case goes in further appeal. But it only shows how insensitive we are and the bizarre nature of social talk.

There is a spurt of articles about abuse of domestic helpers. This is not a new phenomenon. It has been going on, but only now these cases are highlighted. Just talk to the girls and women working in homes or even the hawkers. Some used to give in because of money; some to keep the job. Shiney’s wife had the audacity to call it a honey-trap.

Even more distressing are news reports that mention how youngsters are exploited in places that are supposed to protect them. Remand homes and homes for the destitute are known to send these girls and boys to keep people happy. Imagine a situation where they are mentally or physically challenged. What sort of devious people can resort to such despicable acts?

The respectable person you might meet or have to meet in some office could be a trustee of such an organisation covered with the halo of concern and he might be among the first to take advantage of his situation. Will anyone speak up? Will anyone even know his identity, except for the equally respectable go-between who arranges it and needs to keep her/his respectability?

I have already discussed at length how religious figures abuse their situation. The widows of Vrindavan, having been shunned by their families, are made to shave their heads to appear unattractive. Does it stop the business of being targets of lust? No. It is a thriving industry and the women get nothing out of it. Nothing. For them it is life imprisonment.

Of course, India is all about family values. Scrape the surface and skeletons will stare at you, but we have blunted nails. Numb people.


  1. Mash:

    I think so, too. Good to see you. Hope you've been well. Kuchch jagah se door rehkar logoun ki tabiyat theek hi rehti hai :)

  2. Scrape the surface and skeletons will stare at you.

    reminds me of Mira Nair's "Monsoon Wedding".

  3. Got to see Mr. Shiney a month back riding his Merc in Sector-29, Noida, he looked mighty pleased with himself. He made our sector's naam roshan, after Nithari and Aarushi our sector was feeling left out. Anyways, if he has done it, he deserves the punishment (rich and famous or whatever he maybe).

  4. Hitesh:

    Art reflects life, even when it sensationalises it. Btw, I did not like 'Monsoon Wedding'.


    For all you know, he might actually believe that he was making your sector's naam roshan. Such is the power of superficial fame.

  5. I really like what you say, it is easy for women to get the blame.. and i am glad that shiney's star power didn't serve him in this situation...


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