Waiting for Dawood

There are no toilet seat images of the betrothed couple, but this wedding is no less important than the Buckingham Palace one. Moin Palace in Karachi is named after Moin Ibrahim, who is the son of our own monarch in hiding – Dawood Ibrahim. He did what all good sons do when their fathers have a heart attack: he got married. The bride’s father has no criminal record but is a good friend of Dawood.

Our newspapers have quoted the police as saying that this is their big opportunity to nab the “elusive gangster”. If they know all the details about his empire, his houses, his relationships, his family members, his Bollywood and political connections (no police connections, huh?), and they also know he was playing cards when his heart gave warning signs, then they should have got him by now.

Why is it that someone in his family has to get married for them to get all charged up? This sounds like those gate-crashers getting ready for dinner and some fun. According to a report:

Sensing a rare opportunity to get close to the most-wanted man in the country, Mumbai police and security agencies have begun digging for the trail of invites, which have allegedly gone out from Karachi and into the homes of several famous homes in the city.

“We have seen images and footage of Dawood’s earlier parties where several known faces were in attendance. We know that many of them have been invited this time as well. We are checking on all those who were associated with Dawood at one time or another.”

If the images were of earlier parties why are they dilly-dallying? Does anyone remember how the news channels went into overdrive during his daughter’s wedding reception at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai? They had parked themselves behind the trees with zoom lenses and all we got was shaky camera-work. And nothing at all from the investigating agencies who managed a free holiday.

This will be repeated. Dawood Ibrahim, Tiger Memon, Anees Ibrahim and Shakeel Ansari are not going to be at the gate to welcome guests or even on stage. The fact that the don’s business is spread across continents and he can move with such ease should tell us that he is a protected species. And if the cops know who he is hobnobbing with, then knock on their doors here. Why wait for the band, baaja, baarat?

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