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I am angry. I was watching this music reality show “Chhote Ustad’, part of the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa series. The kids are quite talented. Last night they had Ghulam Ali saab as one of the special judges. In the course of the show, one of the participants asked him to become his guru, using emotional appeal.

The veteran singer agreed.

Later, one of the regular judges, Kunal Ganjawalla, whose singing career has thus far been about making dog sounds in every song – bow-woow-wo-ho – had the audacity to say that since the participant is so deserving and his financial situation is not very good, he would like to bear the expenses of his training. He turned to Ghulam Ali saab and said, “Aapki jo bhi qeemat hogi, mein usey de doonga” (Whatever be your fees, I will pay for it).

Bloody idiot. Does he even know his aukaat? Even if he had to, he could have done it off camera or just said he would like to help the fellow’s further training. Was there a need to act like an upstart that he in fact is?

It is to the credit of the senior that he said something to the effect that sur has no price. But what would a music thelewalla know?

I am still angry.

- - -

Why do we always say cascading waterfall” although it does precious little besides cascade? It is like cricket commentators saying now the bowler has thrown the ball…what else is he supposed to do?

- - -

Yesterday morning I had set the alarm for 5 AM. That has been my schedule for some days now. My work of the moment is done. But I woke up. Feeling restless. As though something has been snatched from me even though I gave it away.

- - -

End quote: “Too fucking busy, and vice versa.” – Dorothy Parker [Reply to her editor who was bugging her for her belated work while she was on her honeymoon]


  1. chill! BTW thelewale bole to??

  2. I don't like these shows,they are a waste of time but I agree with you.That quote was great .

  3. Fv paki sympathizer crying for jihadi again,you fake artist sing like kunal ganjawwala befor defending terrorists

  4. FV
    Aik tu aap naaraaz bohut juldii ho jaati hain........

    Aur yeh kiaa haiy keh aap ziadatir naaraz hii rehatii hain....

    BTW, I am also angry most of the time........hahahaha
    I don't remember few minutes of my life when I was not angry at something or someone....so, be it....

    Anger is eating us all......

  5. kudos to u for the quote and shows ur respect for the gr8 virtuoso Ghulam Ali saab and also shows ur way of respecting any kind of talents...

  6. FV:

    Kunal Ganjawala and Ghulam Ali... Why was Ghulam Ali on the show? And why were you watching it - a parade of children behaving like grown-ups? Disgusting!

    But you have all the right to be angry. Even I felt disgusted on reading the piece.

    What is next in line now that this thing that got you up and running at 5 AM is over? Get going, the time is less and your creativity can't be let to rot or be kept under wraps. Get on to something soon, pleaaaase!

  7. Amandeep:

    Itna chill-ah kyon rahe ho? Thelewalla bole tau thela lekar baithne waala...angreji mein hawker bolta. Bheje mein aaya?


    I like music, so I won't generalise about not liking these shows.


    Anger means junoon, which means passion which means big trouble!

    Let us eat anger before it eats us up. Waise bhi, dinner time here...


    Ghulam Ali saab does not need to be validated by me, but yes I do respect all kinds of talent. And I respect those who have achieved so much that they have become benchmarks for us.

    Re. the quote, kudos due to the person who sent it to me...(thanks!)


    Why were YOU watching it?! How else would you know it is a parade of kids behaving like grownups? I like watching it, I like singing, songing, and all...some kids are really talented.

    I do wonder and agree with you why does Ghulam Ali has to keep appearing on these shows. I did not think his presence at this juncture was needed. He should be saved for the fianls, if at all.

    - - -
    5 AM duty over for now...creativity never rots; people do. I don't think I shall let that happen...yes, i could just laze a bit longer...ab se kaam par lagana achchee baat nahin...

    Magar shukriya aapne kaam ke kaabil tau samjha!

  8. FV:

    Just a clarification, although it is unwanted. I never watch these shows or any other for that matter. And one needn't be a rocket scientist to guess what they'd be like.

    All of us love songs and singing and talented kids, but let us not ab(use) the tiny tots like this. And because I can't stop the producers of the show (in a democratic India), I can only request and cajole a few like-minded friends. If the TRP ratings fall, the kids might be saved the agony.

    Creativity never rots, creators do... But can't creativity be hidden under wraps-iska jawab deejiye

    Aur jahaan tak kaam ki baat hai, to aapka kaam bolta hai, hum log naheen, Samjhe kya?

  9. PS:

    I have written about the exploitation of these kids...and TRPs won't fall soon because parents have made this into a fine industry.

    "Creativity never rots, creators do... But can't creativity be hidden under wraps-iska jawab deejiye"

    Chilman ke peechhhe rehne se creativity aur nikhar aati hai, shaayad...

    "Aur jahaan tak kaam ki baat hai, to aapka kaam bolta hai, hum log naheen, Samjhe kya?"

    Kaash kaam hi bol sakta aur hum faarik ho jaate:)


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