I am tagged!

I love labels. What do the labels here mean - do they convey what the content carries? Here is some Sunday tattle...

Talking to myself: An attempt to confuse others about the confusion in one’s own head created out of the desperate need for clarity about the idea of confusion. Clear?

Quote uncoat: Wanting to add two-paise worth of crap to two-paise worth of crap. That is four paise, which is no currency and has no currency.

Trivial pursuit: Deconstructing little things that nobody cares about except the blogger because the blogger is a nitpicker.

Death: Something the blogger has no experience of yet writes about with much authority.

Life: Ditto.

Rewind: As though the current output is not enough, blogger takes a time-machine to the past and gets all nostalgic about something that probably never happened.

Feedback: What the whole world considers spam, blogger believes is addressed to her. Does any sane person think a note that says, “You can make someone happy” is about their writing skills??

A very short conversation: Blogger is telling people she knows how to keep it short. And that people actually talk to her.

Doodles: An activity indulged in when the blogger does not have words. Mostly the doodles look like words fattened on air.

Ten poems: This has taught her discipline, to count, and the aesthetic appeal of squiggles to demarcate each poem, so that no one mistakes one for the other, which is quite possible given that she herself often does.

Critique: This is to tell people who might not realise it that she is being unkind, little knowing that no one expects her to be anything but unkind all the time.

Let’s not get too serious: Blogger is asking you to laugh even if you don’t find it funny.

Just wondering: Blogger does not know what is going on.

Musings: Watch ceiling, watch sky, watch clouds, watch sun, watch underconstruction building, watch walls, watch monitor. Write something. Call it musings because it sounds better than fly-swotting.


  1. FV:

    Why did you take off this post yesterday and posted it again today?

  2. Are you harsh on yourself? Agree about the first it confuses me but it was fun to read

  3. FV
    Labels are our identities just like our names........So, all of us need identities even for our own thoughts....we've become identity slaves.....

    Suppose, if I stop writing my identity as ,"circle" which is exclusively for your blog , will you still keep me dear to your thoughts? No, not at all....
    B/c you and rest of the world needs tags, IDs, names to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the crowd........

    I on the other hand don't care for any ID or tag...rather I would love to be tagless, but, then I don't have a choice to choose to be nameless without any ID for me , if, i have to identify only too please you or others......

  4. PS:

    Jasoos! Yes, I took it off because I thought of posting the poem 'Embrosia' soon after and somehow it did not look nice together...


    I was taking a few gentle swipes at myself...others doing it is getting to be infectious!


    Yes, we have become identity slaves...but not the way you think I think. Tell me, if this blog was not about FV, would it matter the same? You did not know me prolly when you first came, but then I became a real person. Likewise, when you first came you posted as anon, then you were regular and I got used to it and I wanted something to call you...it was a mutual decision, right? As far as i know it was not to "please" me, and occasionally if we do things to please others, what is the harm?

    I would recognise you, because if you recall once somebody used your ID and I knew it was not you...

    Re. other identity questions, I still do not know your nationality, your place of residence, your work, your gender, though i may make a guess about some of these.


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