My Amazon moment?

The last thing I want is credit for a book I have not written. But Amazon.com has listed a yet-to-be-released book, which is a compilation of articles, and they mention me as the author. Worse, in the one-line (one line for an almost 80,000 word manuscript??) synopsis, they describe my book. I don’t like this. When my thing will be out, its name shall be what it is: A Journey Interrupted: An Indian Muslim Woman in Pakistan. If I have waited all these years to get down to even writing a book, I can wait a bit more for it to be published.

My publishers have written to Amazon to rectify the error. How on earth something like this can happen beats me. In the catalogue each book had a separate page, so where was the confusion?…or have I seeped into their bones as well?

I know I have not been talking about the book, but when it is about to be launched I shall keep you updated here.

PS: Thanks Gum, for searching so much for me that you found this!

- - -

Why don’t I talk about the book? I have not even written a column or article about how to write a book, and how it has eaten into me. I like reading that kind of stuff, but I cannot get myself to do it. I should hope the written words are eloquent enough.

Also, since it is not fiction, it would amount to discussing current affairs. And am so inundated/satiated with the stuff, there is little I can add.

There are some people who wonder why I did not write one earlier. I have no regrets. It happened when it had to. I did not plan it…and yes, I have had to work under a great deal of stress, not to speak of illness. But, no complaints. It just feels good that I will be a part of it till the very end. I am not the type to say, “Now it is out of my hands”.

I thought one’s destiny is written in one’s hands and whatever one does is a part of that destiny.

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Updated: Jan 18, 7.45 pm IST

Heck, that thing is still on and is on other sites as well. I therefore think it is probably not the fault of Amazon but perhaps whoever is marketing these. Don't outsource me, please. Am quite disturbed.


  1. FV:

    An amazing Amazon for a "not-Amazon" woman! This may be the first, but I am certain there are many more in the pipeline.

  2. FV
    Just let us kow when your book will be published, I'll keep that one for my library.

  3. "It happened when it had to."

    It's like I'm an oyster. I've had this sharp speck inside me for a long time and I've been trying to make it more comfortable, so slowly I've turned it into a pearl.
    The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

  4. PS:

    There are, but I am an amazon woman...I run with the wolves...


    You won't read it, then??


    Like this black pearl was so crushed by the oyster that is has sharp specks on it; it gave it a new character.
    The Reclusive 'Pearl'


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