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Aamir Khan organised a special screening of his latest film Taare Zameen Pe for the leader of Opposition, LK Advani, who was in tears watching it.

The subject on a dyslexic child has been sensitively handled, I am told. I have yet to watch it, but how does Advani crying become news? Worse, watch the picture, Najma Heptullah, who happens to be Aamir’s aunt, looks decidedly shaken and Advani's daughter seems to be condoling.

Now, let us recall: Aamir has often been targeted by the BJP and his films were not screened in Gujarat after he took part in the Narmada Bachao Andolan. Anyone with some self-respect would not run to Delhi to be a part of this tamasha, unless you need to market your film. As for Ms Heptullah, my knowledge of her is of a warm person; the only aspect that rankled was her complete faith in the Gandhi family. What rankled even more was when she switched to the BJP.

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In what is yet another exposé of the sordid side of the glamour world, the crime branch police on Sunday arrested a Belgian national who allegedly sexually abused male models in the city under the pretext of giving them modelling assignments. He allegedly targeted young men from other states who were in the city looking for modelling jobs. Then, seeing that the victim began trusting him completely, he would slowly begin sexually exploiting him. Apparently, he even filmed his rendezvous with the models and would circulate the CDs overseas.


It is time the cops took action. Foreigners are given kid-glove treatment and while the women who are exploited rightly complain and there is need for stringent action against the locals who misbehave with them, we have to keep in mind that at almost all holiday destinations tourists take advantage of locals, especially the poor and illiterate. These models at least can voice their protest. Hundreds of cases get buried beneath the hot sands of beach resorts.

Also, the social circuit puffs up every white skin that comes here to work for some multi-national company; they are feted at the best parties. Back home no one would have bothered about them.

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A few members of Samajwadi Yuvjan Sabha, led by its zonal leader Farukh Ghosi, held a protest on Sunday against controversial Indian-born British writer Salman Rushdie outside the residence of Parmeshwar Godrej in Juhu. The protesters, carrying flags of the Samajwadi Party, raised slogans against the writer and the Indian government. “Salman Rushdie waapas jao,” shouted a protester.


Rushdie was here on a private visit for some charity work organised by Ms. Godrej. I do not know how and why Indian charities continually need some famous outsider to further their cause. Also, if it was a private visit, how did it become public?

One more intriguing twist here: It was the Samajwadi Party wing that protested. Its supporters include Anil Ambani who

is quite thick with the Godrej family.

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Osama bin Laden’s 26-year-old son has sought a British visa so that he and his granny bride can live in the country and have a surrogate child. British Embassy officials in Cairo have interviewed Omar bin Laden who plans to settle down with his 52-year-old wife Jane Felix-Browne at her home in Cheshire, have a child through a surrogate mother and work as “peace activists”.

May I know why she is constantly referred to as ‘granny bride’? Doddering old men in their 80s marry women in their 20s and no one refers to them as ‘grandpa groom’.

I can understand this being news because of the Osama connection. It is a sensitive topic and perhaps cause for concern among some sections of society. But let the officials do their investigations and let these two get on with their life together. They got married in September 2006, so it is not a flash in the pan. Not yet. And whatever it is at the personal level, it is their business.

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The man, whom Princess Diana described as “Mr Wonderful” and “the greatest love of her life”, has broken his silence for the first time, admitting that he’s still “haunted by the Princess’ memory.” Di’s former lover and heart specialist Dr Hasnat Khan confessed that he has still not recovered from the princess’ death, and feels like screaming at times.

He paid homage to Diana by discussing the respect in which he holds the late princess, and criticising her memorial fountain in the process. “Creating a fountain is not how you should remember a great person. You put great people up as high as possible. Look at Nelson,” he said

Where was he all these years when all manner of memorials were erected in the memory of the woman who continues to haunt him? She may have been a great partner to him, a great human being, but she was not a great person as in those who change the way society thinks or bring about a renaissance or make a difference in public life. She was a social asset, not a national asset.

I think he was better off quiet.

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Two of a kind

Baba Ramdev had become notorious when the CPI discovered
skulls in his ashram. Here he is blessing who else but Narendra Modi. No comments!


  1. FV:

    I'm glad that you are scouring news again... and dissecting them in your own unique style. The tabloids have been put on the table, oops, mat.

    Keep it up, Ma'am!

  2. Blog
    So, baba ram dev is a ,"man eater".....

  3. skulls from ashram?thouht the allegation was mixing animal bones in the medicine.Even ur super secular Laloo is a Baba fan and the Baba has blessed him a few times.

  4. PS:

    Yes, back to news scouring...at leats it makes me smile, when i am nto angry, that is.


    Well, dimaag zaroor khata hai...


    It was discovered that he used animal parts and human skulls...and bones comes from skulls too.

    Laloo may have been blessed, but the Modi thing was too good to pass...and I think all politicians who patronise these guys are stupid.

  5. according to u,Osama is a fictional character created by the US.Is this son of his and his 'ganny' bride also part of the package?

  6. [Circle:

    Well, dimaag zaroor khata hai...]
    That was a good one!
    hahahahah, LOL...for real wallaa and loud wallaa,

  7. Anon:

    If you like fiction, then yes. But the lady won;t qualify; she hasn't been birthed by the 'character'. Anyway, thanks for the keen observation.


    Good to see you laughing after a long time.

  8. "and I think all politicians who patronise these guys are stupid."

    Are u sure polticians patronise the Baba?or is it the other way round?U have not seen the Baba's following,have u?Majority of the followers would be non-political or 'secular',if u please.That's why Laloos and Vir bhadra Singhs of this world flock to him meetings.

    As per ur explanation of Osama,the fictional character,i could not understand ,,is Osama a fictional character created by the US to steal oil from the followers of the religion of peace or not?If yes,what about this bloke who has got himself a 'granny' as a bride?Is he also a fictional character?For a nation caught up in terrorism and possible economic downturn,the US sure creates a lot of imaginary characters,does it not?


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