January 26

On any national holiday, one gets to hear the same old songs...most are good. For me, Saathi haath badhana from Naya Daur remains a favourite because it does not merely wallow in patriotism...it asks us, the people of India, to work and claim what we deserve. I like the following lines best...

maaTii se ham laal nikaale.n motii laae.n jal se
jo kuchh is duniyaa me.n banaa hai banaa hamaare bal se
kab tak mehanat ke pairo.n me.n ye daulat kii za.nziire.n
haath ba.Dhaakar chhiin lo apane sapano.n kii tasvIre.n

Saathi haath badhana

For those who want the more conventional, there is Vande Mataram: The following are two versions, both not the original.

Lata Mangeshkar

A R Rehman


  1. FV:

    Itna saara youtube khol diya... you too...

  2. Funny thing is I still cannot watch most without the 'buffering' going on and on...

    Won't do this often enough, though...


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