Wings of fantasy

Post Title: A Joan Baez song


  1. FV:

    Reminds me of that old poster of Kabhi-kabhi

  2. FV
    Your pic. of the picks is not just romantic, it is just about two humans looking in the same direction and getting ready to fly with their fantasy wings....

  3. PS:

    Yes! Exccept that unlike the filmi jodi, here he is way shorter than her...so she calls him Napoleon. Anything to boost the male ego...


    Your thoughts are romantic...lekin dekhne ke baad I find they are not looking in the same direction. Woh oopar dekh raha hai, maybe bird watching (!!), and she is watching the droppings that are falling...

    Okay, okay, I did find it beautiful, and goes contrary to the media image of them, and maybe even the reality.


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