Hip hypocrites

It is fine to take out protest rallies against dictators. But is public memory so short that people will forget the sheer double standards on blatant display here? Do Jemima and her ex-husband Imran Khan need to ‘use’ Benazir? Read the caption…she is pointing to BB’s picture. To tell the world what? That she even gives a damn? Not everyone is going to buy it lady, and her lord.

These are their not-so-old quotes. In fact, a little before Benazir’s death. Hypocrisy ki bhi koi hadd hoti hai…


“She has only been able to return because Musharraf, that megalomaniac, knows that his future depends on the grassroots diehard supporters inherited from her father's party, the PPP…As a result, Musharraf, who in his first months in power declared it his express intention to wipe out corruption, has dropped all charges against her and granted her immunity from prosecution. Forever…Benazir is a pro at playing to the West. And that's what counts. She talks about women and extremism and the West applauds. And then conspires.”


“She alone among Pakistan's political party leaders has given public support to the massacre of women and children that Musharraf caused when he ordered his troops to attack the Red Mosque in Islamabad… She also backed his attacks on civilians in the tribal regions.”


  1. FV
    I understand that prior to BB's extremely tragic death Imran and Jemima were playing as foes against BB.......and that was quite natural and quite acceptable based on their political strategy as opponents of BB.

    But after BB's assassination , everything changed and even her extreme foes became her disciples b/c BB proved her worth at the stake of her own life, she gave her life for the establishment of democracy..........

    And I don't think there is anything wrong with this attitude either....they are infact doing a big favor for the establishment of democracy , they're absolutely not playing double standards here.....
    I can see clearly now.

  2. FV:

    I endorse your view, Imran is a hypocrite and thus he is in politics. We have to accept that he wants to be the moderate "radical" that the West should endorse.

    Incidentally, why is he wearing a suit and tie out there? No Salwar Suit for him there.

  3. Circle: What you says applies to Imran. He was serious and mature after BB's death and called her one of the bravest people he had ever met. But it doesn't apply to his ex-wife. A few days after BB's assassination, she wrote a bitter critique of the female icon of the East and basically called BB a political coward. Jemima Khan seems to be a very frivolous woman; after she protested in the morning, she was partying in London last night. Whatever. Who cares?

    The protests that matter are the ones in Pakistan by Pakistanis, who are going to be truly affected by the state of their government. Jemima will - and always has been, even during long periods when she was married to Imran - be resting at her mother's mansion, the Ormeley Lodge.

    It is not hard to get up from your bed, with no job or work to tend to, and go to a rally for a few hours and then attend a nice old party in the evening. Successful day, huh?

  4. Imran was hiding all the while... during the recent turmoil in Pak and now he is back in a fine suiting... huh! was'nt he complaining that he feared for his life. Not sure if anyone would want to kill him at all - FWHW? Did some students slap him around :-)

    Life is funny and gory at the same time... in Pakistan.

    Farzana quite rightly has shown the hypocs...

  5. I stand by my views!

    About Imran wearing the suit, woh tau brown sahib hai...and he has always worn one when he travels, even when meeting the Pakistani community overseas. That is fine.


    FWHW? Thoda tau um'r ka lihaaz karo aur samjha dijiye koi...

  6. Yes Farzana, what they're agitating aginst is that despite whatever, she didn't deserve to have been shot like a dog. Tried and sentenced to be executed, or spend the rest of life in jail yes, but not shot just like that.

    There's a very important distinction which needs to be made here.


  7. FWHW - for what he is worth


  8. WMW:

    The distinction you talk about would be valid if they had protested when others were shot down like dogs...

    I repeat Imran's comment:

    “She alone among Pakistan's political party leaders has given public support to the massacre of women and children that Musharraf caused when he ordered his troops to attack the Red Mosque in Islamabad… She also backed his attacks on civilians in the tribal regions.”

    They too could have been tried in a court...


    Thanks. Aainda itne lambe lafzon ka istimal mat kijiye:-)

  9. Imran Khan was the only major politician to protest and that too in a non pro-forma way when the bonafide civil society restoration of democracy movement under aegis of the former Chief Justice tried to enter Karachi on May 12, 2007 and dozens were shot down like dogs by "activists" of Altaf Hussain's terror-based party which he runs on a strictly Stalinist model from a London suburb. To publicly speak out against this psychopath--responsible for untold hundreds of deaths over the last two decades--whose good offices were sought out by HM Government to broker a 'safe return' deal for Benazir Bhutto is truly putting one's life in one's "hatheli".


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