Angels and Demons

Expressions of love can be so varied. I usually prefer old songs from the B&W era; I haven’t seen many of those films but the potent feelings that come through with just words and music have transported me to worlds I may never know.

However, there have been more contemporary songs that have used the Bollywood formula and created a language quite different.

Chupke se is the Angel factor of love. The imagery is soft and flowing. There seems to be no hurry…in fact, there is time to talk…about poetry by Mir (Taqi Mir) to the strains of Raga Marwa…

haule haule marwa ke raag mein

Mir kee baat ho

Chupke Se

* Movie: Saathiyaa
* Singer(s): Sadhana Sargam, Murtaza, Qadir
* Music Director: A R Rahman
* Lyricist: Gulzar
* Actors/Actresses: Rani Mukherjee, Vivek Oberoi
* Year: 2002

At the simplest level, the next song may not appear too different. Watch it closely. There is something animalistic in the movements, the expressions – they flow not outward but inward, as in reaching a yogic trance through some much disciplined movements to climax. The sublime is sexual.

Interestingly, it is a long song and yet there is a frenzy. For me the brilliant touch is the use of a classic Ghalib verse that is woven into the lyrics, “Ishq par zor nahin”. (There is no force in love). The lovers are challenging each other, and they do it with the arsenal of lust. Note the voice dropping several octaves, a voice in the throes of passion, a voice inviting punishment:

Satrangi Re

* Movie: Dil Se
* Singer(s): Kavita Krishnamurthy, Sonu Nigam
* Music Director: A R Rahman
* Lyricist: Gulzar
* Actors/Actresses: Manisha Koirala, Shah Rukh Khan
* Year: 1998


  1. Bollywood music has improved a lot and Rehman is awesome and deserved the Oscar.

  2. I agree that Hindi movies are concentrating quite a bit on melody after the loud mindless music of a a few years ago. Rahman I have maintained is superb with background scores; his music to lyrics tends to get repetitive, which may be considered his particular style. He deserves many awards (the Oscars don't get me excited) but Slumdog Millionaire was not it, in my opinion.


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