Ask the vexpert - 19

Question: I am a 37-year-old man. I had a habit of giving six to 12 v AC power supply to my penis for five to 15 minutes. With this I experienced a vibration in my penis. I do not like nightfall, so I put a rubber band on my penis. Will this cause problems in my married life or affect my sperm count?

Sexpert: You will not find a battery at the end of the vagina. You will experience the act sprinkled with love and desire of the partner. So if you must, then do it on your own once in a while. Nightfall is a natural act, so tying bands will not help; it will not spill out in your urine. Stop before a problem occurs in the sphincter of the bladder.

Me: Besides the wastage of electricity, there is a danger of your penis becoming an automaton. Our organs have sensors that are attached to the brain. If the message gets the vibrations from a source such as this, it will immediately realise that this is how the said organ must respond. Also, with the possibility of power failures the signals may get all mixed up; it could create a fear psychosis in your organ that will be transmitted to the cells in the brain, which might decide to indulge in its own short circuiting method.

Regarding your second query, I would suggest you try and sleep during the day. Day sleep has different dynamics because there is no Rapid Eye Movement. REM is in fact the cause of intense subconscious sexual activity; the rapid blinking of the eye and the internal state of repose mimic the real act, therefore the nightfall.

Putting a rubber band will in fact suggest to the penis that it needs to expand and be as elastic as the band. I would prefer you used a naada (a string used to fasten the salwaar in our part of the world) but it is only a temporary cure because it might give rise to a penile attitude problem: dressed up and nowhere to go.

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