Eat your heart out?

Would you like a ‘Quadruple Bypass Burger’? Would you like to get a heart attack? At 8000 calories, the juicy stacked snack that is served at the Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, Arizona, comes with a medical disclaimer.

Is this supposed to be funny? The restaurant has a hospital theme, the staff are dressed as nurses and after the patient/patron has eaten, s/he is given a wheelchair ride.

I wanted to puke just reading about it. Not because of the burger but due to how completely stupid we are becoming as a society. It is a mockery of illness, of those who genuinely suffer, of the very idea of excess.

A parody is fine on stage or writing. But this is luring people into believing they can taste risk. In a country where people are sued for coffee that is too hot, I do not understand this mindless attempt at innovative hospitality.

You might well counter with the argument that people are going there, which means they do find it interesting. People go on rollercoaster rides, scream their lungs out and then want to repeat it. Like bungee jumping. These are risks taken with the knowledge that one is brave and fearless. It is about testing one’s mettle, not the organs in one’s body.

I wonder how this sort of thing is permitted. Next someone will serve contaminated food or a bar will offer you piss with a disclaimer.

Why don’t people just poke their fingers into electrical sockets and be done with their fun?


  1. The theme itself is recurring evidence of the fact that west is departing completely from basic human emotions, hospitals can never be nice places. Whenever I go to one, i just get nostalgic , people loose loved ones there, people go through pain. How can a concept like food be mixed with hospitals?
    The other piece is how much do u need to eat. Food is critical, it has been made a celebration ...fine ..i accept it ...I am foodie but eating four times the quantity required is plain Moronic...
    No wonder such people find solace in the fake babas, gay gurus and hugging aunties...
    Even god cant help them .
    Btw, I am in Himachal on vacation , please blog for the rain gods ...it needs to pour !

  2. MJ was a musical genius and he adopted the genre known as music video with gusto.Which is no more than songs from desi movies.He was never a sexual icon in america.Girls(14 year old were crazy)Thankls for nice poetry .Just found your blog.

    kul bhushan rxri.blogspot.com

  3. Manish:

    Yes, we must also take into account that foodies do not necessarily eat a lot. Gluttons do.

    What is wrong with hugging aunties?!

    I can only out in a plea to the rain gods that it pours soon in all of the North. Once the gods get here, then readers won't be far behind:)

    You keep yourself 'un-warm'....

    Kul Bhushan:

    Thank you...why 'Bush here'?


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