Honey, I shrunk the kids

Aamir Khan has turned down the state government’s offer to campaign against child labour. The reason he gave:

“I’m doing a lot of public service messages and I didn’t want to dilute the (message in the) ads that I’ve already done by doing another one.”

Smart fellow. As some of us know, there is a concerted move by the state labour ministry to take action against children working in TV serials, comedy acts and music programmes; this could include kids in films. It is indeed silly, but Aamir cannot do this campaign with a straight face after how he has ‘used’ children. But catch him admitting to that.

And while we are on child labour, those children who were employed in the election campaigns would also come within its purview. Shouldn’t someone make the agencies and organisations that started these campaigns answerable?

No. No one cares. Mr. Straight-face Aamir will still be seen as the guy with “credibility”.

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An old article Belabouring over child labour gives a more detailed picture


  1. a campaign against child labour..thats what the labour ministry came up with...what about welfare of those children whose jobs will go and no food in the evening?what about ....ahhhh lets not gtet started.

  2. The link to my article I provided examined these very questions.


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