These are a few of my favourite things?

There was this questionnaire from a serious source. They thought I was a serious client and they wanted my feedback to make sure I remained serious.

After a series of serious questions about what I thought about them, their work, their ability to satisfy me (I love this), they asked me stuff about my favourite things. I have a few favourite things but with mood swings I like a bit of change…anyhow, I decided to sound serious.

I will skip the usual ones…then they got me to thingies:

Watches: Patek Phillipe, Tissot.

My reputation was at stake or else I would have said Chunibhai’s shop, where I got that big one with a purple dial that does not work and cost me 250 rupees.

Cuisine: I lay it on…French, Thai, Mexican, South Indian, Italian, Chinese, Tibetan, Burmese, Nepali, Burkano Fasoan, Frontier (yo, mah jihadi basic instincts)…okay four of them I did not mention.

What I wanted to say? A regular supply of chocolate walnut brownie with triple scoop ice-cream and Bailey’s Irish cream and sprinkled with nuts.

Favourite apparel: None. Really. I said it. Now the envelope has been sealed and delivered.

Pity they didn’t ask about favourite position. I guess their zeal wasn’t missionary enough to get a woman on top to fess up about how every doggie has its day.

Since I like being upfront, here it is: Left of Centre.



  1. Hmmmmm.....Patek Phillipe and Tissot..Interesting ......I am surprised that a Burberry didnt mentioned or Coach Bags ...But our Paradise is the BangKok Flea Night Market ....all for 800 Bahts

    Cuisine...I was expecting Turkish /Labanese as well...

    Favourite Position ....You have an unmatched Gifted writing skill to short circuit the intellactual balls of average Folks !
    Your blogs are "dessert for thought" Yo :)

  2. http://www.spiegel.de/img/0,1020,1521688,00.jpg

    From here:


    Cheers. :)

  3. Manish:

    I wasn't being terribly serious...but, yes, watches and fragrances, one does stick to brands unless I am experimenting, which is often.

    Coach is too out there for my taste...even if I do have fine stuff, I pretty much do as I please.

    Thanks for reminding me about Lebanese cuisine. I love it. Turkish...only if it doesn't taste like towel!

    Dessert? This blog? Tau phir logon ko mirchi kyon lagti hai? Anyway, you are too kind...hope you are on the best stuff while commenting here - this blog, like the blogger, is high maintenance :)

    - - -


    Thanks...it would be interesting to analyse this from a historical perspective. The pictures were great.

  4. While as long as kindness doesnt get connotated or intermingled with flattery ...it is OK
    I have quit the soul searching medicine of RedBull and Vodka nd teh ultra Milds in 2007...so ...Should be just high on my soul ...

  5. As long as you know and I know, it makes no difference how it is connoted by others. I can see through flattery, so I know better what is genuine. No worries.

    Red Bull and the rest are just enough to wet the tongue or getting it to talk more than it should! Your soul is always safe...


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