Swami Agnivesh's Double Barrel

He wears orange robes and then appears on behalf of 'civil society'. Why does no one pull up Swami Agnivesh for mixing religion and politics?

Now during a conference with Syed Shah Geelani of the Hurriyat Conference he talked about aspirations of the Kashmiri people. Very slyly he sneaked in a controversial comment about the Amarnath Yatra. Had he delved into the security issues, it would have some validity. Instead, he called the ice formation of the Shivalinga melting a fraud, so what faith was this?

I have a few points:

1. Hindu religion believes in idol worship and all idols are made of some material that breaks. Why, some are put out at sea. When he was initiated, did he not worship anything?

2. In dargahs, the tombstones are indicators of a dead saint. Often, the body is not even buried there and, if it is, it would have degenerated over a period of time. Why are they so popular?

3. The embalmed body of St. Francis Xavier in Goa is a religious and tourist attraction. What value does it have?

Are all of these frauds? A voice should be raised against superstition and blind belief and especially if it causes friction among different groups. As I mentioned, the Amarnath Yatra does result in security issues, and in the past caused deaths during clashes. What does the Swami have to say about that?

His opportunism is clearly visible because he chose to make the comment in Kashmir where he was meeting a separatist leader. His so-called concern for the Kashmiri people gets a setback because often they help in the smooth running of the pilgrimage.

His is politicking of the worst kind, for he portrays himself as a spokesperson of Kashmiris and by default all Indian Muslims. This is what causes problems.

If he wants to address the fraud in the Hindu faith, then he should go where the action is and give his two bits or lecture from some temple or ashram pulpit. And tell us why he is wearing those saffron robes.

Civil society does not need moonlighting sadhus.

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  1. I don't know about Agnivesh, or, what he refers to as falsehood in Amarnath cave. But I know that the Amarnath Gufa is of great importance to the devotees of Shiva. Swami Vivekananda had a deep spiritual experience in front of that icy Shivalinga. Surely, not everyone can appreciate the holiness of a shrine.

    And maybe this Agnivesh was trying to please the fundamentalist leader by negating some of the Hindu beliefs.

    And who will judge the extent of idolatry of different religions?

    In Hindu Vedanta, there is only one all pervading God. The idols are for the ignorant lay people. But who cares about Vedantic Advaita wisdom nowadays?

    One god Elohim/ Elahi was there in the old testament. Yet the Christians worship not that one God, but images of Crucified Jesus, Mary, Apostles, Saints, etc.

    Muslims worship their One God Allah, Mohammad, Kaaba, various Pirs in their Durgah Sherifs, etc.

    Buddhists used to meditate on One all-pervading Pure-mind and call it Shunyata, emptiness, Void, etc. But later began to worship the Gautama Buddha. Then after Vajrayana period, they worship numerous Tantric gods & goddesses.

    If people are allowed to follow their religious beliefs without hindrance, everything co-exists peacefully. The problem arises with criticism, which infuriates ego (of an individual or, masses).

    ~Amitabha Chatterjee


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