Indira Gandhi Booked

The history of the Congress party being written by a group of people from within the fold is like the skin covering the flesh. But, as expected it has got politicians to react.

This is supposed to be some sort of commemorative effort because of the completion of the party’s 125 years.

The Congress’s history, written by a group of experts, has blamed Indira Gandhi’s policies for the party’s collapse in the Hindi heartland, including its stronghold of Uttar Pradesh, triggering surprise among leaders about the growing tolerance in the party over an alternate viewpoint.

Rubbish. This is not an alternative viewpoint but passing the buck. It is edited by Pranab Mukherjee, who is an acolyte of Manmohan Singh, who in turn is an obedient student of Sonia Gandhi, who in turn has to think of Rahul Gandhi, who in turn has failed to do much in UP, which in turn is the big trophy for any political party and had the whole thali of vote banks – Muslim, Brahmin, Dalit, farmer, zamindar, gun culture, culture and some of the most power-hungry people ever in this country sitting in positions of office.

I doubt if all those who are barfing now have read the book. The Congress probably leaked out the juicy bits about the Emergency, which no one can do anything about instead of more current and relevant issues. Of course, it is history and history will mention such events. I would like to read about the anti-Sikh riots and see whether they have shown up those characters who continued to hold office until recently. I want to know if Rajiv Gandhi’s comment after his mother’s assassination is mentioned. I want to know if Rajiv-Longowal pact is mentioned. I want to know if the role of India with regard to the LTTE is mentioned.

The Congress does not even know who the writer is. At least that is what cross-over politician V.C.Shukla said.

“There are only views and thoughts of some leaders in the book. Actually, Indiraji had done a good job in her tenure.”

Great. Indira Gandhi gets a certificate from the man who was a Sanjay Gandhi loyalist, then stayed on to get the goodies, left a while ago to join the BJP and is now back in the Congress.

The BJP has its own take on the book:

“The party is personality dominated and there are differences on every issue. Whether it is the Maoist issue or other ones, the party lacks unanimity on issues.”

Yes. Now tell us why did Sushma Swaraj and Nitin Gadkari squabble yesterday? What were the dynamics in the relationship between L.K.Advani and A.B.Vajpayee? Why does the BJP play one game and let the RSS act as its boss?

This is just a book. If only all political parties would reveal what is between the lines of their own chapters and verses.


  1. Indira Gandhi was not only for Indians but she was an inspiration for the whole world. India has progressed leaps and bound just based on her smart policies. She set up the base for all this progress which Indians are enjoying now.

    The woman was charismatic, vibrant, genius and still core Indian.


  2. Charismatic and vibrant is fine, but she did mess up on several fronts. Well, she was Indian to the core, but andar ki baat baahar nahin aayi :)

  3. She is Indian to the core, if you think she is anything like the billions who inhabit South Asia (even if you restrict it to Hindus, then to Upper Caste Hindus, then to Brahmins and then to Kashmiri Pandit Brahmins and so on). She was still as much an Indian as Jinnah was a pious Muslim.

  4. Hitesh:

    Well, I agree with your scepticism, but she was Indian in terms of nationality. And Jinnah did play the pious Muslim, so...

  5. It is edited by Pranab Mukherjee, who is an acolyte of Manmohan Singh... and now the El Presidente!!
    (He looks better than the last one...in every way)

    Lets see how he fares in his new office. My all time favorite is the fiery scientist with unmanageable hair. His name is such, as if it would never end! "Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam".

  6. 'nah being a pious Muslim and all... I am feeling so queasy today... and am being careful about my intake.

    Aurangzeb was also regarded as a pious Muslim, yet he beheaded Mansur Al-Hallaj!! So much for piety.

  7. Err... Aurangzeb "the pious" murdered all his own brothers including Dara Shikoh; he also beheaded Tegh Bahadur, Sufi saint Sarmad(1661 AD) and many other harmless and (genuinely) devout people.

    In spite of his thirst for blood and dislike for music, I wander how he managed to remain so HOLY!!

    The same goes for this pious politician "Xena"...

    My mistake: Sufi saint Mansoor al-Hallaj was beheaded in 922 AD by Fanatics (very similar in nature to: you know who).

  8. Hello Amitabha:

    So, from Pranab Mukherjee to a long-named (and maned) Prez, to your pious intake or intake of piousness or undertaking of non-piousness, we land up at Aurangzeb's durbar, or rather his butcher shop, and Xena and you know who, and wonder about holiness or the HOLY. Phew.

    I listen to music. OKAY?!

  9. Yeah, Madam Wits, all things are "cross-connected"! And I am allergic to bullshit.


  10. If Chatterjee likes Mukherjee, it sure must be the end of caste-wars in secular modern India.

    here is another dignitary trying to teach thing or two about social organization the way Indians have successfully done for millenia ..


    I am also allergic to boring people devoid of any new ideas ...

  11. Amitabha in Anon avtaar:

    Thanks for being 'cross-connected'. But, I am sorry to hear about your allergy. What was THAT about?

  12. Hitesh:

    I hope you were being tongue-in-cheek, for Chatterjee and Mukherjee are both Brahmins (and your comment was specifically referred to me!). Now, I know you are strong on caste, so it must be a mirror mirror on the wall who is the phairesht oph them all?!

    Read Mani Shankar Aiyer's piece. He gets into these occasional patriotic fits when he is not in Pakistan :)

    PS: And what is your allergy all about?

  13. If your brow rises when Chatterjee likes Pranab Mukherjee as the president, how do you feel when Chatterjee also likes Abdul Kalam?

    How does it pass the caste litmus test? Its so easy to tag and over-generalize!

  14. Farzana,
    My allergy is regarding bullshit. I have seen many genuine Pious Muslims, they are very nice, kind people. They are not hostile at all.

    And the pseudo pious one mentioned here was a proponent of wide-spread agitation and bloodbath. So much so, as a complete extermination of an ethnic group from cazmeir!


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