The cat's cry

I heard a cat cry. Plaintive notes. Like a violin’s scream. It was almost dawn. The death of night. I heard a cat cry. It sounded like any of us.

When I was young I would cringe with fear. Like a balled-up kitten. Like wool. A string would stretch. Its lint would fall. The wool too wept.

I did not see that cat for days. Months.

Then one day it was on the ledge of the parapet in the building where I lived. Its paws waiting to jump. It saw me. Our eyes met. Hers green like grass. Mine brown like mud. They rolled into each other’s sockets.

Our tears became one.


  1. FV:

    The sisterhood of cats... hmmm...

  2. PS:

    Or cat(ch) 22?


    Billi ab door ast...


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