Two mannequins

I find this picture interesting because the human appears more plastic than the mannequin, which is better dressed and has some emotion visible on the face.

He cannot read, but his eyes seem awake to words and the world; he cannot speak, but his mouth is puckered to utter something; he has no mind, but how thoughtful he looks.

Sometimes, human beings become manufactured entities. No comic relief is as tragic as a person unknowingly mimicking a mannequin.

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The last poll results:

After the recent bomb blasts, who do you suspect?

Jihadis from outside - 3 (25%), Local militant groups - 8 (66%), ISI - 3 (25%), Our political parties - 3 (25%), No comments - 1 (8%)


  1. FV:

    Pamela Anderson ko plastic aur mannequin bol kar plastic aur mannequin ki beijjati kyon kar rahee hain... unko bura lag jayega!

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  3. doesn't it get even worse when the plasticity doesn't remain a physical attribute, but covers every bit of human soul? sheathing it in the veils of hypocrisy and all that which is fake... considering that, i would be grateful if this lack of animosity were to stay on the superficial level only!

  4. PS:

    Yeh khushi hui sunke ki plastic ke saath aap mil chuke hai. Ab unke aansoon bhi poch lijiye...rumaal nahin giraya?


    The good thing about the soul is it is invisible....


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