Why are Indian Islamic scholars getting all hot and bothered?

In the email sent out on September 13 minutes before bombs exploded through New Delhi, the Indian Mujahideen quoted two verses from the Quran. The verses, say Islamic scholars, had been pulled out of context and misinterpreted.

As though these maulanas follow the verses when they issue fatwas on women raped by their fathers-in-law or make stupid pronouncements. They too are interpreting it to suit their immediate ‘concerns’, which are none of their business, anyway.

Here go the two quotes used by the IM group:

“(O you who believe) when you encounter (in fight) those who disbelieve, strike their necks first, till when you have completely massacred and wounded many of them, then bind them firmly (taking them as captives). Thereafter is the time, either for generosity or a ransom until the war lays down its burden. (Qur’an 47:4).’’

The mullahs say:

“Muslims were boycotted for three years by non-Muslims in Mecca. No one would trade with them, there was no permission for namaz, they were beaten up, harassed and humiliated. So there was an order to leave Mecca. But even after reaching Madinah, the non-Muslims continued troubling the Muslims and attacking them. It was during this period that this verse was revealed. This verse instructed Muslims to fight with those who came to attack them.’’

Okay, so the IM group has mentioned how Muslims are harassed, beaten up etc and etc. There has been nasty demagogue talk about asking Mossies to leave. Hey, it happened right here on this humble blog to this humble writer, who is not even Mossie enough.

The other verse refers to the IM use of “Allah is the best of those who plot a plan”. According to Maulana speak, this is in reference to Allah planning an easy passage for the Prophet whose house was under surveillance and the enemies of Islam were plotting his downfall.

So, the IM outfit believes many Muslim houses are under surveillance and there are groups of people plotting their downfall.

The Indian Mujahideen is seeking some literary inspiration. They could have quoted from Shakespeare or Kafka. These mullahs will use and twist the Quran when they feel like it. So just chill and stop screaming about this misinterpretation nonsense.

If you want to sound secular and nice, just go for iftaar to the house of a certain famous person (who will be mouthing the same clich├ęs as you do)…oops, does she have a house?


  1. To quote Bernard Lewis from "Roots of Muslim Rage", indirectly quoting from Mahmood Mamdani in "Good Muslim, Bad Muslim" pp 22
    In time of upheaval and disruptions, it leads people to espouse crime, and try to find in the life of the prophet(by hook or crook), approval and precedent for the actions

    To put it crudely, the perpetrators work n the principle,
    When I say it is B, it iss B, B and only B, and only then A justifies B. If A does not justify B, f*** A, get me another A.

  2. Thanks Khalil, for sharing this...


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