Say something about Sarah Palin before it is too late!

It’s been days. She has been done, done, done. I am sitting in India and only know that those NRIs must be wondering what wrong did our Bobby Jindal do? He also has good hair. For visiting relatives, Alaska is a big adventure after Disneyland and New Jersey. Why New Jersey. Here…

Oh, wot fun. We went to mole, goat aadha-pukka rotla and shaak, then came home, put ghee on rotla, sat on jhoola in poach and talked and talked about Narendra bhai and Kanta ben. Badhu normal chhe.

Jindal is wot…Marwari? Not Gujarati? Then let it be. This Cain and Barbie jodi is nice, haan. He is budha, but she also is not less. I like that high, high hairstyle, she looking like Mumtaz in some smiling pictures. Saras chhe.

Republican soo hoi? We celebrate Republic Day in January. You make full political party out of one jhanda ceremony? American lok na ekdum gaanda chhe.

Sarah ben is banning books? Paper saving. Smart woman. She is not banning your Playboy and Hustler and Vogue and People to soo vaando?

Maybe she is having deal with some publishing houses for a 'cut'? After all, banned books do phat-a-phat business in grey market.

Sarah ben jeeti jaaye na to ask her to do opening ceremony of Maya Motel. Wot? She does not like Maya Angelou? Haasto, who can like any loo? How I wish I was having green card and voting for her. She is my type. Mode-un and having family values just like Karan Johar.

Okay then ask to do opening of new restaurant Khakhra King. Wot? She has problem with Stephen King? No worry, we will ask Bharat bhai to change name. He can call it Sarah Jahaan se Achha. She will like tribute and he will tell her story about the poetry that astronaut Rakes Sarma (Punjabi he is no?) made about moon.

Now I am tired. Before I go, tell me why that Obama lives in barrack? For sympathy vote?

You only give Sarah.

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