Ironies of India

Just one day in the life of a newspaper and the country and this is what we get...


It happens every year. The ‘river of sorrow’, Kosi, causes des
truction to life, cattle, fields, houses, villages. From what I read, it passes though the mountainous regions of Nepal and along the way gathers silt. What Bihar then gets is a whimsical river. This is considered a natural disaster when at least some part of it can be controlled. Read the editorial in TOI by N.K.Singh.

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VHP leader Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati was killed. Th
e Communist Party of India (Maoist) claimed responsibility for it, warning the saffron outfit of "more such punishments if it continues violence against minorities in the country". There are communal clashes. Does this young girl know anything about the VHP or the Maoists? Can you tell her religion by looking at her?

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What are they celebrating?

Jammu broke into wild celebrations on Sunday morning after an agreement between a government panel led by governor N N Vohra and a conglomerate of Hindu groups gave exclusive right to the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) on forest land at Baltal for use during the pilgrimage season.

According to the agreement, the state government will set aside land comprising 800 ‘kanals’ for exclusive use by SASB for the purpose of yatra, while making it clear that the proprietary status of the land shall not undergo any change.

The period for which the land will be under the board will include the time required for erecting and dismantling the temporary infrastructure for the yatra.

Congressman Ghulam Nabi Azad: “The 100 acres set aside for the shrine board to make temporary facilities for pilgrims has been used for the same purpose over the decades.”

BJP man L K Advani expressed satisfaction over the accord to resolve to land row and claimed that the PM had told him that the government would not succumb to “pressure from separatists”.

PDP woman Mehbooba Mufti: “The move to allow land use disrespects the popular sentiments in Kashmir.”

All politicians. Only Azad is right, technically.

And then they say we don’t want sops, we are fighting for the land. Now, what happened?

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'Dogs Walk The Ramp Before India’s First ‘Mass Wedding’ Of Canines In Delhi'. I have nothing to say except present here an extract from the report:

Painstaking arrangements that included a band, a mandap, flower arrangements and a priest to solemnize the marriage lent authenticity to an event for which 400 owners had registered their pets. There was a murmur among the owners that the sex ratio at the event was skewed—there were not enough prospective brides for the dashing

German shepherds, dalmatians, bull dogs and golden retrievers.

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We don’t seem to have any indigenous ideas left that a replica of Disney World has been created by Sahyadri Mitra Mandal in Chembur for Ganeshotsav? This is by far the biggest street festival of Mumbai. And India has enough folklore and mythology for it to let its imagination run wild. But, no. We are global citizens.


  1. FV:

    Jinhe Hind par Naaz hai, woh kahaan hai...

    Are you a world-citizen?

  2. jehadis are not supposed to have the basic understanding as the islamic God has sent a book for them.Let me try to make you understand what the Jammu people are celebrating:Your jehadi sister Mehbooba Mufti and her goons came out on the streets against this very order.They started a vicious campaign based on typical Islamic lies that this was a demographic invasion and Islam was in danger(show me a place in the world where islam/muslims are not in danger ;)).Then the spineless govt buckled under the jehadi onslaught and withdrew the order for allocating the land for THREE months a year to the yatra board.Then the Hindus of Jammu said they have had enough.So now the cancellation order have been revoked and the yatris have got back what they have initially promised,untill your jehadi friends stepped in.

    Look at the brighter side as well:The Kashmir valley has forty odd less jehadis now(The Indian army took care of them).Cool,ain't it?

  3. PS:

    No, not the way I implied here. I like my cocoon. And when I fly, I find the world is too small.


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