Does Rahul Gandhi even know what a Young Turk means?

Just when I thought we were done with the tacky ‘Singh is King’ headline in national newspapers, we now have ‘Rahul’s Young Turks’.

Never mind that they did not find a place in the government. As I mentioned in a comment earlier, Rahul Gandhi should have put himself to test with a cabinet berth.

The media ought to at least up their knowledge a bit before they shoot their mouths off.

What is a Young Turk? Simple dictionary meanings are here:

  1. A member of a Turkish reformist and nationalist political party active in the early 20th century.
  2. A young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party.
  3. A young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations.

Do these men fit into any category? Don’t hang on to the word 'progressive' because these people need to be tested on that count. How can they rebel against authority when they are the authority?

I was shocked to read this:

Under Rahul Gandhi’s guidance, the Youth Congress is turning target-oriented and adhocism-free by suggesting that those who enrol between 5,000 and 10,000 members stand a good chance to be nominated for an assembly election.

This is like encounter killings – your promotion depends on your hit rate. Or like insurance agents.

The report also states:

Rahul Gandhi has asked his team of Young Turks not to dream of being in the government at least for six months and to devote their energies to the recruitment of fresh blood across the country.

Do you realise what this means? That after six months of meeting their targets, they can start hustling? It also means they could prove to be worse than the opposition parties and demand their pound of flesh.

What happened to the committed youth who were ready to ‘Jaago re’?

- - -

I have covered the stupidity of this before, but last night on TV they had these people talking about how we should not rubbish the dynasty…after all, we have instances of musicians’ children becoming musicians…

Haan, but a tabalchi’s son will bang on the tablas; a sitarist’s daughter will pull other strings.

An actor’s son will capitalise on papa/mama’s skills before the camera.

A businessman’s beta or beti will inherit wealth and change the décor in the office to make it look more hip.

That’s it. They won’t really mess around with the country. Though, bad musicians and actors can be a huge pain. But you just don’t pay to watch them.

Do you have a choice with these Young Tharkis?

Rahul Gandhi said he wants to change the way politics is conducted in our country. Not a chance. Sorry. You started on the wrong foot.

Go send this young blood to first donate blood. Get doctors in the remote villages. Electricity. Water. Literacy. These young people must be brought together to do these things rather than bribing people to join the party so that they can get more power and sit like satraps and continue with the same things. Prune the lawns, but there will still be weeds. By changing the curtains you do not alter the window or the way you look through it.

Just as wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt does not make anyone a revolutionary. Nice try, though.


  1. You said it right ...they are young thurkis ....nymphomaniacs is an inappropriate word ...On his reforms in politics
    We are going back to the Raj Days ...decisions for Barabanki and Malihabad are made sipping Cognac in 10 Janpath ...have we really evolved at all ?

  2. Are these people so young?

  3. Manish:

    Besides, you sharp observations, could you tell me how do you know what they are drinking? Hamesha:) Projection?!


    Former PM was called Young Turk when he was well in his 70s! But, he earned his stripes whatever else was wrong with him.

  4. Mohtarma, If I was born to the First Family, I would have Cognac for Dinner and Chardonnay for Lunch and freshly brewed lager for Breakfast ....thats how I know ..... :), I will call Farhat Shahzad for an evening chat and relish galaouti kababs discussing breaking up Uttar Pradesh in three pieces.
    Thats the downside of politics ...Rahul cant flirt like Vijay Mallaya or express his true spiritual calling (Imagine if he confessed he was a Buddhist , he will kill Mayawati's vote bank in one day ) ....In some things we are better off, I can still smoke Ultra Milds and call everything "Mithya" :)
    Pardon My Gibbrish .....

  5. Manish:

    This is truly funny! It is indeed all mithya, after all the grapes, barley whatever have to attain nirvana to get bottled. Btw, Mayawati ko ouzo pilakar keh dena saunf ka paani hai...

  6. Whatever it be, but I don't think there can be a better solution at the moment, seeing the options which were available to the country. Only one best answer, and that's what has been composed in the country, and the countries chosen ones have composed their 'Young Turks' in the cabinet.

    Even if they call them 'Young Turks', its better than the era when people use to call a Jack of spade, the king of spade and proclaiming we call a spade, a spade. :):):) It still is the story, but now changing for the better.


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