The way we are - 3

The TV anchor was discussing poll strategies in Bihar. Actor Shatrughan Sinha is one of the candidates. Anchor looked earnestly at the monitor and asked Mr. Sinha, “Who would you say ‘Khamosh’ (‘Silent!” a word made famous for the way the actor enunciated it in his films) to and how?” Mentioning a few leading politicians, he wanted the man who might well get a portfolio if the BJP wins or play an important role to mimic this before a national audience. Is this a circus? A reality show where comic artistes do these things?

To his credit, Shatrughan Sinha he refused to do so, but he did use the word in a general context. Earlier people had to keep politicians happy; now it is the other way round.

The anchor gave a huge victorious smile as though he had managed to get a scoop. I can imagine him saying, “You heard this first on our channel.”

Yes, puff cake.

- - -

This is stupid. Not the statement itself, but how opinion-makers are reacting to “all options open”.

In a breathtaking display of brazenness, the Samajwadi Party on Thursday declared that it would extend support to whosoever was ready to sack the democratically elected Mayawati government, marking a new low in politics and offering a peep into the no-holds-barred bargaining that is likely after the polls.

Is this seriously news? Mulayam Singh used the word ‘sack’. That will be possible only when a government is formed or ready to be formed. It means the major party will be the Congress or the BJP. What happens if Mayawati allies with one of these parties at the time?

Why is everyone looking quizzically at this new brazenness when we have a history of it in some form or the other?

- - -

For all those who have been talking about the Gandhis as royalty – no originality there – I found this most amusing:

The caption said:
ROYALTY VOTES: Maharani Padmini Devi and princess Diya cast their vote in Jaipur

They are voting in a democracy. Where does royalty come in?


  1. FV:

    Theatre of the absurd. We are like this only. Why o why?

  2. Shotgun Sinha or Shekhar Viagra Suman should have fought against Raj Thackeray or Sena in Mumbai ...at that time they had their tails tucked between their legs....
    That time they were trying to prove how much of a Mumbaikar they were ....why cant we have politicians with real balls ...
    Samajwadi party represents which Samaj ...IF EC allowed profanity Mulayam would have used choicest of it against Maya ....but sadly he doesnt want NSA against himself ....he just wants her out ...Amar tried hard bringing Sanjay Dutt to "woo" maya ..she declined .....I have had better.... she said :)

  3. PS:

    If the why had an answer we would not be like that...or maybe we would.


    "...I have had better"...that is funny. Sinha and Suman, and if Mr. Bachchan was not busy being politically correct, would not have tried to play safe. They are wooing their roots...


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