Hands and Feet

Hands and feet and fingers and toes are just so enticing, especially when seen differently. The tips of the fingers caressing, the hands holding, grabbing, reaching out...the feet sinking deep into sand or walking on grass, treading purposefully towards what looks like a destination.

Here are some pictures I have taken. They convey so many things to me…

Start of the day, the sun creeps in and the feet decide to have a cuppa, read the papers and lounge on a rocker!

A closed fist seen from this angle can appear to be a foetus:

The hands open out, like a flower…or more like a leaf spreading itself on the branch languorously:

No fingers are empty…they shine and they have ears that listen to that sheen:

Feet are larger than hands, but hands can reach out and touch them. Look through them…at them…indulgently, as though wanting to hold them forever:


  1. Like a self portrait, do these photos represnt your hands and feet?

  2. Very nice.I like 1,3,5 best,first is quite funny also!!

  3. Anon:

    What do you mean by 'represent'? These are hands are feet...if you are wondering if they work as a self-portrait, then yes and no. Yes, because we convey our thoughts; no, because they are also just accidental pictures.


    Yes, I found the first to be quite amusing, and it was not planned or placed in that manner; it has been clicked as is. Which clearly conveys I do not put my foot down often enough :)


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