Gunning for whom?

On Dussehra it is customary to commemorate good over evil. I have seen pictures of the police placing flowers over weapons. Understandable. They are in a sense worshipping their job. Although it ought to be more than the use of weapons. If the armed forces do so, again fine. What is the chief minister of Gujarat doing bowed before guns?

He ought to be at his office offering prayers to all those musty files that have let him off. Or he should be arranging money to give as compensation.
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Image courtesy The Times of India


  1. All our leaders thrive on insecurities of an average RamLal/ShamLal, he is clearly trying to tell Gujjus that I am the only one who can protect you from Islamic fundamentalists. Most of BJP under Advani was trying to prove that ...thats exactly where they went wrong . While I was brought up listening to Daily bed time stories on Partition riots and how we kept our identity alive, my grandfather also used to make a solid point, which stayed with me. His logic was when Mugals ruled in Red fort ( we used to live 4 kms away) and ran India , without democracy and media and human rights, Hindus still ran Chandni Chowk and survived.Any BJP leader who spilled hate against Muslims has backfired simply because large sect of Indian society wants to engage Muslims and not do a shastra yudh with them.

    One fact that most people forget is that every antidote for a poison comes from the poison itself, if you need to fight fundamentalism in any religion, you will need to encourage moderate and progessive thinkers in that religion.

    thats exactly why I feel that pakistan has a a huge directional Dilemma, they are not as progressive as Turkey or Malaysia, they havent embraced minority religions as Malaysia and still arent as fundamentalist as Afganistan...they are not really not sure where they are going...what unites them is India bashing , otherwise they have as many "structural and cultural Hemorrhoids" as we have ....
    Modis in India will continue to get elected unless Pakistan understands mass psyche in India.....

  2. Times Of India has become a serious Modi bhakt.. it should be renamed "Modi Times"
    Just a chilling thought... maybe a list has already been prepared about who would be "encountered" with those! And who else to give "those" a divine blessing other than the original high priest of...

  3. Manish:

    Again, sixer maara...and we are winning, aren't we?

    "structural and cultural Hemorrhoids" as we have

    Nah, their's are different. Because we are different a@*&$#@+

    Why will Modi get elected because of Pakistanis?


    I'd avoid chilling thoughts...the ones who might be his targets - at least in his mind - might prefer it hot.

    As for TOI, it has to decide between Modi and Deepak Chopra :)


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