Tweeting Tharoor

1. ROTFL. U r a hoot, man. Hand on hart (ouch) u r Woodhouse so rolling on floor wid lafter is easy.

2. Tnx 4 bringing out funny side of PM. He got ur joke but dats coz u did Kofi. Last time he joked was wid Gilani bout Balochistan.

- - -

Ok. Am done with bird talk. If you really think you are some pun-chkin then you have a think coming.

Here are some statements you made and in one you imply that people would not appreciate humour. Honestly, you are about as humorous as a bagpipe playing at a Roman repast

Holy cows are NOT individuals but sacrosanct issues or principles that no one dares challenge. Wish critics wld look it up.

Aww, giving us work to do? You think your critics would not know? For your information, YOU are a holy cow and as far as I can see you are an individual unless you believe you are an issue now.

And you do not travel with principles. I mean, do you ask for an aisle seat next to that puffed up sore-assed principle of dynastic politics? Heck. I already got it wrong. That wouldn't be a holy cow for you. You cannot have a beef with those who give you a ticket to ride.

- - -

It's a silly expression but means no disrespect to economy travellers, only to airlines for herding us in like cattle.

Aha! So did you speak to our local Richard Branson, Vijay Mallya of Kingfisher, and to Naresh Goyal of Jet? Did you speak to the minister of aviation?

But, what will you tell them? That they are doing okay with the holy cows...principles, of course...but not individuals who have to go moo-moo each time they turn their face and the passenger next to them is breathing butter chicken?

I know your fan base has increased though I suspect some women ministers might object to your gender political incorrectness with regard to cow.

You have put everything at steak and need a well-done break.

Wanna do Kofi at Kyarla Hose?

(That is what the Mallu you have forgotten would say about doing coffee at Kerala House.)

Take care, tweets. Now be good and LOL.


  1. Now our Mallu Bhai "Sasi" used his yankee expression on Dhoti Dharis... and guess what ...he is in a Mess. Personally , I agree with him. Not that I can afford to fly anything higher in class still Business class is a huge ego massage and nothing else.somewhow I still prefer a First AC coupe in Rajdhani to a Economy Class flight ...specially the "cookie" only ones.
    And BTW , why are only Cows Holy and Not Bulls ,,,,and why not holy Pig ....Jesus ....poor Animals get stuck in the ego battles of the religions.

  2. No apologies for being uninformed, but can you explain what Shashi Tharoor did recently? I don't really follow the news.

  3. Was he a big player? He does not sound smart and not too politically smart. As for his UN role he was not lionized in the US.

  4. Are you on twitter??You should have a humourous exchange with him!!

  5. Manish:

    Sasi, indeed...and his 'kala'. Don;t agree with your agreeing with him, but your view.

    Long-distance train travel is not my cuppa, tho0ugh the samosas are awesome. From Delhi to Agra.

    Cows, bulls, pigs...jaanwar aur insaan...ki fark painda?


    How can I tell you what he did? Itney perosnal sawaal...look, type Pranab-austerity-fivestar-shashi Tharoor-twitter and you will know.


    We lionize even kitten here...not a big player, just given more importance. Theek hai.


    Nope. But a jugalbandi with him would be fun...after all, hum bulbuley hai iski, yeh gulsitan hamara...let's see him sing that.

  6. well to begin with... u got it all wrong. being provoked doesnt giev u the privilage of being blah.. u are surely good with words and being being ggod with words gives u the responsibility to be thoughtful. when u take dig at someone, make sure u are enlightened about the wholse scenario. he gave an answer, the words were the journo's and to those who misunderstood welcome them to ur community of " the blah's" ... and as far as this gentle man is concerned he has done enough to prove that he cares for the masses and he is not jus another poli'trick'all leader but a amn of words whose "words" have been meaninglessly misused... congratulations for another blog post and thank him for that meaningful comment he passed


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