Swami Ramdev, Modi and a Love Child


It isn’t unusual. In fact, it is along expected lines. Swami Ramdev has bought a Scottish isle for about £2 million (Rs 16 crore) to set up a wellness retreat. What is surprising is this:

The conch-shaped Little Cumbrae island, spread over 1.25 sq km and home to a 13th century castle, was put on the block by its previous owner due to the global financial crisis.

Obviously, spiritualism has suffered from no recession. People are still spending money “for scientific research and treatment in yoga, spiritualism and ayurveda”. Why is this jim-jam being garbed as research? Yoga therapies, ayurveda are already there in ancient texts. And what scientific research can be conducted in spiritualism? A personal quest is not dependent on analysis or measured.

The Swami’s explanation is this:

“The base is not about property as much as it is about spreading Indian values. My aim is to turn this island into a peace haven.”

What is the need to spread Indian values oversees when Indians themselves are aping the West? What exactly are these values? Contorting the body, eating stuff procured from forests and swallowing long strings to bring out mucus? What is so un-peaceful about the island that it will transform into a peace haven?

It will only increase tourism. Travellers will throng to the place, after having satiated themselves with haggis, shortbread, tartan scarves and kilts and want to retire for some S&M – spiritualism and massage. These places are no different from detox spas and, while the regular parlours are pretty upfront, here it probably makes people just feel better for no reason other than partaking of an ‘inner journey’.

If Swami Ramdev is so concerned about peace, he could have chosen an Indian island like the Andamans or Lakshadweep.

And someone please make it clear that this Swami has not revived yoga. There are several institutes that have been quietly doing their work and people practising it. When your mind is searching with a resolve in the stillness, you are on a higher plane without the arrogance of making tall claims about it.


If Narendra Modi says there are no villages in Gujarat, you just believe it. His reason to sneak out of it is the plan to set up gram nyayalayas (village courts) for quick dispensation of justice.

A report says CM of Delhi Sheila Dikshit too said there were no villages in her jurisdiction and the newspaper explains it as a possibility because:

the once upon a time villages in Delhi have been consumed by rapid urbanisation given the need of a burgeoning population.

I do not understand. We have had panchayats for years and these village courts decided by the union government is only one more move at interference.

To give Modi his due here, he has agreed to have “mobile courts…at the grassroot level”. Makes sense. Now if only he does not have chaps like Vanzara and company getting all mobile. Okay, could not resist that one. I prefer Modi’s idea in principle.


Rather sick headline in TOI:

Masaba Gupta, India’s first celebrity love child, has had to sprint many races before finding a voice.

Masaba with Neena
She is the offspring of West Indian Vivian Richard and actress Neena Gupta and has made her debut at the recent fashion week. She spoke about being a product of black and white, not quite fathoming what ‘white’ means. I am sure she must have faced questions and got weird looks. Many people do for various reasons.

Had she not had famous parents would anyone make this seem so legitimate? What is there to shout about India’s first celebrity love child? Is this an achievement? Two people shared some moments of passion and the woman chose to have the baby. Who took the responsibility, how the parenting was done is between the parents.

Let the media not prop this up.


  1. :)I am happy Swami Ramdev got picked. So Technically , lets see what business is Swami Ramdev in , he is aiming to be the biggest "ayurvedic" medicine manufacturer and Marketer in times in come. While the Yoga is free , with the preaching on life skills, he surely makes a lot of money in the name of the Medicines. Next Time , you are up north, please find time to drive down to Dehradun via Haridwar, he has almost bought every piece of land possible between Purkaji, Jwalapur and Kankhal (thats where he is ). Incidently all these areas had Muslim land owners at the bank of Ganga Canal. As I have been saying...someone got to see this Sadhu Business, it is not less murky than Maulvi Business (wakf Board especially)or Priest Business or Gurudwara Committee....he has also monopolised the purchase of most bulk herbs which used to largely come from tehri and Pauri Garhwal. He has his target audience fixed , He aims at middle class to upper middle class people in B towns from 45-70...he has his brand of atta, biscuits, soap and even pain killer , leave alone aggarbatti and hair oil etc...Not sure why he has dropped tampons and condoms. There is not even a shred of Yoga in it ...it is called "low profile semi urban marketing"...
    Not sure why all single babas profess on Relationships..... he should enjoy a nice single malt on the rocks at a small distillery in Rural scotland and lets us live our lives....everybody doesnt a flat belly ...some need a life :)

  2. Actually, it's not Ramdev but his disciples who bought this piece of land.
    It's good to check on the facts, once in a while.
    I am still trying to understand your issues with Ramdev. What's wrong with what he is doing? I am not a big fan of him, but he has brought yoga to people who were unaware of it before. It's better than sending suicide bombers or other random stuff. If he earns neat little profit from it, so be it. I think clubbing him along with Modi in your headline is in rather bad taste.

  3. Manish:

    Your comments keep me riveted :)

    The sadhu business is one up on the Mossie and Catholic one because it has greater appeal. Muslims will go into a tizzy if some aggarbatti is named after a revered figure, so even in Muslim households we have Lakshmi chhaap etc.

    Obviously, there won't be certain private items...heck, what would be the tagline? Think about it?!

    And you are so right about all these holy men and women talking about religion. Why single malt? He is a son of the soil and should take pleasure in tharra. Oh, I know I am inviting the wrath because you see, I am not a Hindu....damn, you can get away with it. Good for you!


    Admit that you went and ran a search only after you read this post. And what I read clearly states that the acquisition was carried out by a Scottish couple of Indian origin, Sam and Sunita Poddar, to expand the base of Patanjali Yogpeeth – the institution founded by Ramdev...

    If they are the legal owners, then it is even worse.

    I have already expanded on the issues. Take it or leave it.

    As for clubbing him along with Modi, do you then openly revile Modi? And you have no issues with love child in the title.

    Tough luck if you found it in bad taste.

  4. Oops...in comment to Manish it should be 'And you are so right about these holy men and women talking about RELATIONSHIPS'. Not religion.

  5. FV,
    Actually, I read it in BBC before I read your post about it. I wouldn't have commented if I didn't see the error. As for reviling Modi, such cretins don't deserve that respect. To talk about them, to abuse them is to give them importance that they don't deserve. I wonder when he is going to lose elections. The whole of Gujarat seems to be in some sort of amnesia.
    Ramdev is an entertaining goofball. But, he does have his merits that are hard to ignore, and at the very least, he has brought yoga to millions in India compared to those Maharshis, who spent major part of their lives cavorting around white women while preaching spirituality and all that nonsense. And yes, I do find him being clubbed with Modi unnecessary.
    What issues one could have with Neena Gupta's love child. I hope she grows up to be as beautiful as her mom. By the way, is she single, Neena's daughter, I mean?

  6. I got so excited with the mention of S&M but you totally killed my hopes by explaining that you meant Spiritualism and Massage.
    (I thought that was fun)

  7. Amit:



    Well...so shall I dedicate this post to you. You meant your name, did you not?!

  8. I appreciate what he is doing.

    Can you tell us if you know about what I wrote below?

    There are some ppl in nearly every countries who pay you to convert to their religion. Can you tell me what type of business it is? There are many ppl who read your blog.You will contribute to humanity by providing them article about it. Thanks.


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