Maulvi in her hand?

Now,now. Mehndi is an important part of Eid. And it is sweet of The Times of India to remember that. As much as they have their ghazal/qawwali programmes that are nice sponsored events. Works as well as political iftaar parties.

But, obviously the advertising department has no clue about how to portray even cliches.

In this advertisement wishing readers Eid Mubarak they have used the most appalling stereotypes in a bizarre manner.

A mosque? The number 786 (conveying 'Bismillah') is just about fine. But, what the heck is a maulvi type reading the Quran doing on a woman's hand? Do they understand subtlety, forget sensitivity?

Even the most religious person would think a hundred times before having this on her palm. To make the idiocy more evident, the other palm has two men in an embrace as they do when greeting each other!

If it weren't so stupid it might have been funny. Well, I hope the TOI cow gets to jump over that crescent moon. Oh, it is there. Naturally...


  1. ROFL!!
    Honestly, this is one of your best written posts. Short, precise and does the damage!

  2. SM:

    "Short, precise..." sure, that does the damage :)


  3. Like all islamists, closeted or otherwise, FV is a tad over-sensitive when it comes to islam. Hardly anyone would have seen anything in the mehendi unless it was pointed out to them.

  4. Arjun:

    Thank you for your warm wishes, as always. And the huge compliment. I do have a good eye...


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