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My article on ‘The Farce of Fatwas’ below did not mention one quote by P. Chidambaram because the subject would have got diverted. But here it is:

“We have no hesitation in speaking for the rights of Muslims at a time when Tamils were denied their rights in Sri Lanka and Indian students were attacked in Australia.”

This is utterly stupid. What does he mean by having no hesitation? Is it being done under duress? Or, do Indian Muslims who have lived here all along need an alibi in the form of Tamils in Sri Lanka, which is Sri Lanka’s problem and therefore India's concern, and Indian students in Australia, which is an immigrant issue that has to do with racism?

When Mr Chidambaram speaks about Indian Muslims as a minority, he must not forget that we are naturalised Indians and not part of any secessionist movement (a section of Kashmir being the exception for complicated reasons). And this minority would not be considered a minority anywhere in the world given the numbers. It is pretty immature to speak in such a manner. Time for him to come to grips and address the Muslims in a non-religious environment.

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As for the maulvis, I suppose hobnobbing with an idol-worshipping godman who performed pranayam while another Hindu priest recited vedic hymns at the congregation is completely in keeping with monotheism. These same guys made a noise when actor Salman Khan visited a Ganesh pandal.

So, what is Maulana Mahmood Madani doing with Baba Ramdev?


  1. You have to see the picture carefully ...these are the best of friends...seriously, what does Parveen Togadia discuss with Imam Bukhari over Chai ....Tune kitne ko Ullu Banaya ....Togadia says 5 million....bukhari says ...damn ,,,i only managed 4 million to follow me...Togadia replies but ur market is growing and damn hindus are getting educated and I have so much more competition ,,,,even the goras (ISKCON) are here to compete with my shop...Bukhari says ,,,u know despite my aid from arabic countries .....TV is eating into my market ...people follow shahrukh khan more than me ..
    But in the end both agreed , lets protest against emergency contraceptive pills ...they are killing both our markets :)

  2. It should have been included in the article,PC is playing games and you raised important question of Ramdev presence.All fundos

  3. Manish:

    Isn't it interesting that some of the ideologues have been abstaining or using those contraceptive pills? But under the skin these are the same=same types, though Imam Bukhari won't be anywhere to getting 4 million followers, not even in his dreams.


    It would have taken away from the fatwa angle and be seen as a Mossie says so thing, which it truly wasn't. Besides, I got to write another post :)

  4. FV,
    The dialogue and figures were my guestimate creation....next time I will be more precise :)
    But my point is that "Authorised Dealers" of god are doing more damage than anyone else ....
    Only Rakshas and Shaitans will come to our saviour....if at all .

  5. Hypocrites! "Islamic seminary Darul Uloom on Saturday issued a directive asking Muslims to avoid attending a camp run by the yoga guru Baba Ramdev as it begins with the singing of Vande Mataram." So, vedic verses are allowed?


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