Muslims for Kurbani

Read this rubbish…

Mani Ratnam is planning to make a film called Azan. This is what a ‘source’ said:

Unlike the films releasing in Bollywood of late, which focuses on either Jehad or Islam, this is a pro-Muslim film which will portray Muslims in a positive light.

What exactly is a pro-Muslim film? Is someone saying we are going to make you look like little angels? Well, then, those angels are a part of Islam and also jihad if the term is understood.

Mani Ratnam, even in Bombay, a rather nice film on the riots and Hindu-Muslim alliances, did fall for the stereotypes when he showed the father of the girl as a butcher who even takes out an axe to protest against the relationship.

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I have not watched Kurbaan, the latest flop on terrorism. But it is really funny that all the publicity while focussing on its producer Karan Johar also uses his pictures wearing glasses. As though that will make him more enlightened and sensitive!

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Results of last poll:

Mumbai First Impressions

Cosmopolitan - 4 (15%); Money - 2 (7%); 26/11 - 2 (7%); 1993 riots - 2 (7%); Bollywood - 4 (15%); Slums - 6 (23%); Page 3 celebs - 0 (0%); Snobbery - 0 (0%); Immigrants - 1 (3%); Opportunity - 5 (19%)

I voted for opportunity.


  1. Karan Johar is trying hard because it is in to make films on terrorism. They just want to use the situation.

    Poll results are interesting. Slums come first!!

  2. Oh, sure. At the rate at which this is happening we will have a militant version of 'Kuchch Kuchch Hota Hai' when the guy joins a group.

    Yup, was perturbed that slums came first. But then...


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